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$10 Security Upgrade: Protect Your Website from Cyberattack

Do you know the signs of a hacked website?

  • Your online password isn’t working, so you can’t login
  • You receive emails about login attempts, password resets, and two-factor authentication codes that you didn’t request
  • You notice plugin-ins, add-ons, or links that don’t belong on your webpages
  • Your website “crashed,” and you can’t view it – and neither can your customers

After effects of a Cyberattack

Small businesses are vulnerable to cybercrime. When a website goes down because of a
cyberattack, visitors can no longer interact with your business online. Your reputation suffers,
and your audience may look elsewhere for the goods and services they need. Especially for
websites that have daily visitors, any amount of downtime is unacceptable.

Cybersecurity Measures

At Packerland Websites, we understand the importance of secure, fully functional websites that
represent your brand 24/7/365. That’s why we have so many cybersecurity measures in place
to protect against hackers and maintain visitors’ confidence in your organization. Packerland
Websites’ full security suite locks and defends the doors and windows to websites.

Upgraded & Premium Security

For even greater peace of mind, we highly recommend the Upgraded Security and Premium
Security options. We believe that cybersecurity is worth the upfront cost to prevent malicious
attacks that disrupt business and potentially put sensitive information at risk. Upgraded
Security and Premium Security are optional monthly enhancements added to your website.
These are separate from standard hosting. Upgraded Security and Premium Security add an
alarm, extra protection, and system recovery if a website is hacked. Details are at:

Special Deals for Clients

We offer clients special pricing at $10/month for Upgraded Security and $15/month for
Premium Security. Normally, the plans are $14.99/month and $19.99 /month respectively, and
renewals are $29.99/month for Premium, plus the labor to install. By keeping the cost at $10
or $15 a month and not charging for labor, we help our clients improve their cybersecurity
without a high price tag.

Uptime & Peace of Mind

A website is the heart of your business. Your website showcases your brand and your amazing
products and services. Thus, your website deserves to be protected with all of the tools
available to keep business operations humming. Contact us today, 920-826-5901, to activate

Upgraded Security or Premium Security. Extra cybersecurity leads to reliable uptime for your
website and peace of mind for you.