A la Carte and Security

A la Carte

Website Backups


  • $5/month for Silver Level Hosting
  • $3/ month for Gold Level Hosting
  • Free for Platinum Level Hosting


  • $3/month for Silver Level Hosting
  • Free for Gold Level Hosting


  • Free

Link Monitor

With link monitoring we keep tabs on your links, notifies you if any of them break and fix them for you.

  • $5 for Silver Level Hosting
  • $3 for Gold Level Hosting
  • $1 for Platinum Level Hosting

Fillable PDF Forms

Starting at $500 – a 1 Time Fee (price dependent on number of forms needed)


Full Security Suite Setup

At Packerland Websites we believe that your site’s security is extremely important, and as such we are constantly trying to make your site as secure as possible. However as technology progresses, so do the hackers. With our custom security setup we will actively setup your account with security options already included:

  • Changing the WordPress Login page from the standard to a login word or phrase of your choice
  • Forcing users to create secure passwords for when they log into your site
  • Force users to create unique nicknames
  • Removing unnecessary sections of code that could pose a security risk
  • Hide unseen developer sections that can potentially be accessed through malicious attacks
  • Off-site backups
  • and many more!

Unfortunately, even with cybersecurity measures in place, it’s never a guarantee that a cybercriminal can’t hack into a website. It’s like having fire insurance. Just because you have fire insurance and take fire precautions in your home, you still may experience a house fire.

Packerland Websites’ includes a Full Security Suite Setup with every website. These cybersecurity measures lock and defend the doors and windows to websites. For even greater peace of mind, we highly recommend the Above and Beyond and Premium Security options. We believe that cybersecurity is worth the upfront cost to prevent malicious attacks that disrupt business and potentially put sensitive information at risk.

Above and Beyond

Upgraded Security- $10/month

  • Firewall helps prevent hackers.
  • SSL certificate included in firewall.
  • Malware scanning.
  • One-time, annual site cleanup.

Premium Security – $15/month

  • Firewall helps prevent hackers.
  • DDoS protection.
  • SSL certificate included in firewall
  • Malware scanning.
  • Unlimited site cleanups.
  • Prioritized cleanup and repair.
  • 200 GB of secure backup.