What is SEO

Building websites that appeal to users is one thing. Making them easy for search engine robots to understand is another. The robots crawling and indexing the web don’t view the pages in the same way that humans do, yet these robots determine where a website appears on a search results page.

That’s why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies are so important.

Get noticed

SEO helps you gain traction in a crowded and competitive ranking system. Proper SEO will help you improve your website’s placement on search results pages, like Google, and consequently, improve your visibility on the web.

You might have the greatest product in the world, selling at a great price, but without exposure, your product just sits on the shelf. The same goes for great services. Today’s tech-savvy consumers look for everything online!

Speak their language

A solid SEO approach targets the automated search robots by speaking their language and providing clues about the substance of a website. The robots read a website’s code and tuck away the information at a database until needing it to answer a query typed in by someone searching the internet.

Helping the bots digest the structure and content of your website produces dividends for you, because these robots determine where a website fits on a search results page.

Compete in the marketplace

With 10 listings per search results page and the top 3 getting the most attention, competition is fierce. Jockeying for position among your competitors without the advantage of SEO will leave you way behind your rivals.

Work with a Green Bay-based company

Packerland Websites, based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, has the knowledge and experience you’re looking for to improve your website’s ranking. We are experts in ever-changing SEO strategies, both on-site (how a website is built) and off-site (how the Internet reacts to a website).

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