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One of the first things I learned in sales was this equation: Price x Exposure = Sales. If the price was too high, your product would not sell no matter how high the exposure. If you had the cheapest price, but no exposure, your product would not be found. The right balance allows you to sell a product at the best price in the least amount of time.

You can set your price, but what can you do to expose a product on the Internet?

Think of the Internet as scattered customers whom you are trying to contact so they will purchase from you. Getting found becomes the key.

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You can be found primarily three ways:

Organic – Someone happens to search and find your site

Driven – Paid advertising gets someone to your site

Online directories and incoming links – Customers search for your services, but this only works well if you are properly listed.

You want your NAP. This is not sleepy time, but your Name, Address, and Phone Number properly listed. You also want to have a link to your website to funnel customers to you. (Plus, incoming links are critical to proper SEO if they are done correctly).

We have a free online scanner that allows you to scan some of the top directory listings on the Internet and shows you how you appear. Check your NAP and other information and find out how you are listed on the Internet.

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