Web Design

We take a multi-faceted approach to website design.

We develop websites designed around a marketing plan, addressing the purpose and goals of each individual site. The custom-made websites built by Packerland Websites are both visually appealing and highly effective in attracting visitors and converting them to customers.

When we design a site, we keep your objectives in mind. What is your goal and how can this goal be accomplished? With as many website designs as you can imagine, the choices are endless.

Do you want a quickly built and affordable site to give yourself some web exposure? An informational site of 1 or 2 pages can act like a colored flyer online. An informational site allows people to find you, and even more importantly, it gives them a way to contact you.

Do you have something to sell, like real estate, products or services? Then you may want a more detailed website design, with photos and information about your products, plus maps and an online store.

Packerland Websites can pretty much create whatever size and type of website design you want. The possibilities are endless. We create custom websites that reflect your company’s brand and mission.

The journey toward a new or updated website doesn’t have to be long, scary or difficult. Hiring a website designer can make all the difference. Together we’ll map out a simple and effective game plan to make you and your site a winner.

We start with a basic flow chart. Exactly what pages do you want? “Home” is the obvious landing page, and the next two most common pages are “About Us” and “Contact Us.” In fact, the “About Us” page is usually the most visited page on your site. The “Contact Us” page is the difference between having a visitor at the website and getting the visitor to act by reaching out to you.

Packerland Websites would be happy to work with you directly to determine the best solution for your needs. At Packerland Websites, “Your success is our success.” Give us a call today, 920-826-5901, to get started.