Human-Powered Chat is Sales Funnel

humane powered chat

My wife and I bottled about 80 bottles of wine in November- grape, cranberry, and blackberry. Winemaking is one of my favorite hobbies. We transferred the wine from 3- to 6-gallon carboys (glass storage containers) into individual wine bottles. To pour the last splash of wine from the carboy to the bottle, we used a kitchen funnel. The funnel worked beautifully. I think websites and funnels have a lot in common. A well-designed website funnels visitors from a broad overview of the brand to a specific action.

Chatbot generates leads

A chatbot is a marketing tool that acts as a funnel on a website. Packerland Websites added a chatbot to its website in June 2020, and we receive chat messages every week. Actually, some of those messages resulted in website sales. A lot of people prefer to type in a quick message instead of making a phone call or filling out a contact form. As a lead-generation tool, the chatbot is a success for us.

Chatbot options for websites

Our developers manage the chatbot, so they’re on one end of the conversation. We love this communications feature so much that we provide chatbot plugins to clients. For clients who don’t have the time, interest, or personnel to manage a chatbot, we have another chat marketing tool that funnels visitors to a desired action.

Human-powered chat service

We recently started working with Juvo Leads, a company that promises at least 35% more leads from your existing website traffic. Juvo Leads does this through a human-powered chat answering service. They’ve agreed to give our clients discounted rates as well as a free, 30-day trial.

Free 30-day trial

If you’re interested in a free 30-day trial, let us know and we can get it set up for you. The cost after the trial (if you choose to continue) is $28 per qualified lead. (You define what is a qualified lead.) If you like the idea of getting more leads and only paying for the qualified ones, this is a great chance to try it free for 30 days. The 30-day trial gives you time to determine if the human-powered chat service can become a sales funnel for your business.
If interested, just contact the Juvo Leads team for a no-obligation consultation.

Should Businesses Stop Posting on Facebook?

Facebook marketing

Having second thoughts about social media marketing? The whistleblower’s testimony on Capitol Hill may have you reevaluating Facebook as a marketing tool. If you missed the news flash, here’s the super-simplified version. Former Facebook employee Frances Haugen testified that Facebook values profits over safety. She said that the social media platform made choices that allow hateful, polarizing content on its site. Facebook denied the accusations, saying it continues to balance the right for people to express themselves while keeping Facebook safe and positive. Overall, the testimony painted an unsavory picture of the ubiquitous social media company.

Should We Continue Facebook Marketing?

Does the whistleblower testimony mean that companies should stop posting on Facebook? Plus, what about Instagram and YouTube? Facebook owns these platforms, too. Despite the brouhaha, the answer is no. Granted, these social media networks should be carefully monitored for misconduct. We’re right to question their integrity.

Despite its defects, Facebook continues to be an effective way to connect with customers. Companies build their brand by engaging with their audience online. Organizations that spent time and resources to attract a following on social media would be unwise to throw it all away. However, social media marketing shouldn’t rank as the be-all and end-all of a marketing plan.

Who Controls Facebook & Social Media?

Customers who solely rely on social media run the risk of putting all of their eggs in one basket. What happens, if for some reason beyond their control, the basket flips. Realistically, what control does a small business have over social media platforms? In comparison, what control does a small business have over its own website? Hopefully, you see the difference.

Who Controls My Website?

Businesses typically own their own websites. A website is company property. Thus, company executives control the brand message and how it’s presented. Additionally, a website is an organization’s No. 1 salesperson working 24/7. Facebook is chock-full of distractions, and company posts oftentimes go unnoticed. However, a business website is a single-focus, streamlined marketing tool. Websites educate the audience and inspire the audience to take action. A call to action, for example, might be “Contact us,” “Schedule a consultation,” or “Request a quote.”

What’s the Best Marketing Strategy?

When determining a marketing strategy, organizations should rank their websites higher than social media. Marketing materials and brand messaging should direct people to a company website, not Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. While directing customers to social media pages is an important marketing strategy, it shouldn’t be the main goal. Instead, a business website is the No. 1 place to send clients.

For assistance developing a website as a powerful marketing tool, contact us today. Packerland Websites creates websites that convert leads into sales, so businesses prosper.

Cyberattack Targets Server Bank

Police talking on cellphone about cyberattack

Halloween 2021 generated a trick – instead of a treat – for the Packerland Websites team and some of our clients. A cyberattack, originating in Chile, was committed Halloween weekend against a server bank in Chicago. Server banks require complex maintenance, security and IT service. Thus, Packerland Websites utilizes third-party server banks. The cyberattack on Oct. 30 affected some of our most complicated websites.

What a nasty trick

We know our clients rely on their websites functioning 24/7. Disruptions aren’t just inconvenient; they oftentimes affect the organization. Sadly, in today’s world where cyberattacks exist, servers go down and take time to reconnect.

Cyberattack Resolution

The server company and outside experts worked on the weekend to fully restore services. By Sunday morning, the threat was blocked and contained. All of Packerland Websites’ client sites were up and running again. On Sunday and Monday, the Packerland Websites team used its backup records to update the affected websites to the most recent version. (Thanks, team) For clients with Halloween-themed events, like Porters Patch or complex calendar booking systems, like Palette and Pub, up-to-date and functional websites are a must. Thankfully, the cyberattack was resolved promptly.

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Besides being Halloween, October 31 is the last day of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Nothing makes a nonprofit or business more aware of cybersecurity than when their website goes down because of a malicious attack.

Maintaining Secure Websites

The Packerland Websites Team has multiple security measures in place, yet as we saw this weekend, servers can be targeted. We rely on skillful and knowledgeable outside server providers that are the best in the industry. The Packerland Websites Team is committed to maintaining secure sites.

Packerland Websites maintains secure websites by:

  • Hosting websites on secure, HTTPS platforms
  • Backing up the websites on databases with 30-day retention.
  • Performing daily security scans

Preventing Scary Cyberattacks

We hope that everyone enjoyed Halloween weekend. As for our clients, please know that the Packerland Websites team works hard every day to protect your website against scary cyberattacks. Thanks for trusting us with the security and integrity of your website. Contact us to learn more about the cybersecurity features we provide.

Read more about cybersecurity

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How to Inspire Google to Rank your Business

The strategy of “build it and they will come” doesn’t work in Google’s world anymore. So, how can you inspire Google to recommend your business to your ideal customer? Essentially, you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to influence Google. SEO helps businesses break through a crowded, competitive ranking system. Read our related article to learn more: How Long Until My Website Ranks?

Strategies to Improve Google Ranking

SEO is powered by several elements, both on and off a website. There’s no silver bullet, only a bunch of small factors that increase the visibility of a business in Google searches. Read our related article to learn more: SEO Strategies That Work. To improve your business’ search ranking, incorporate these on-site and off-site strategies:

On-Site SEO Elements

  • Write unique text – We recommend 250 words per page. For professionally written content, contact the Wonder Writer
  • Include keywords – Use words a potential client would type when searching for your product
  • Optimize website elements – Developers add tags, page titles, page descriptions
  • Create blog articles – Blogs add keywords and increase the opportunity to appear in search results
  • Lock in your location – Repeatedly provide your address/municipality

Off-Site SEO Elements:

(Read our related article about off-site SEO)

  • Claim your Google My Business profile
  • Optimize your Google My Business profile with accurate information, photos, reviews
  • Submit your business’ name, address, and phone number to online directories like Yelp, Bing, MapQuest (Save time and labor! Ask about our SEO package)
  • Generate incoming links to your website from outside sources like videos you post on YouTube, which is owned by Google.

The Marketing Power of SEO

You wouldn’t throw a party without inviting guests. Likewise, you shouldn’t build a website and simply expect customers to come. If only it were that simple! Instead, your business needs a multi-faceted SEO strategy to establish its online presence and increase its visibility in Google rankings. When done correctly, on-site and off-site SEO turns websites into powerful marketing tools. Packerland Websites not only builds user-friendly, effective websites, we also craft SEO strategies to help businesses grow. To learn more, contact Bill Koehne, owner of Packerland Websites, at 920-826-5901, ext. 1.

Manufacturer’s Exclusive: Get More from Your Websites

technician photo for a manufacturer website

Who knew the variety of businesses that needed websites? In addition to landscapers, home builders, municipalities and nonprofit organizations, we’ve developed websites for authors, eyelash extension artists, and exterminators. Recently, our team has developed a number of manufacturer websites for fabricating, processing, and converting companies.

Manufacturer websites complement salesforce

Manufacturing and production companies often rely on their salesforce to find customers. Wouldn’t it be nice for customers to find you, instead? A powerful, effective manufacturer website generates leads that pan out.

  1. A manufacturer website is a recruiting tool to grow your workforce. 6 Tips: Recruit Workers Via your Website
  2. Additionally, it’s a branding strategy to showcase your products and services. 6 Signs Your Company Needs a New Website
  3. Lastly, a manufacturer website works 24/7/365 to reach multiple audiences. Target Audience: Websites that Hit the Bullseye

Manufacturer websites resonate with users

A manufacturer website needs to speak your industry’s language, but not just with technical jargon. Effective websites answer your customer’s questions, address their concerns, and offer solutions to their problems. Visitors to your website read the content and look at the graphics, saying to themselves, “Yes! This company gets it. This is exactly what we’re looking for!”

Manufacturer websites explain ‘Why?’

Instead of simply displaying equipment and explaining capabilities, a manufacturer website needs to show “Why?” Why do you do what you do? Why would people want to work with you? Demonstrate how your corporate culture and company philosophy defines who you are and what you do. Give visitors confidence in your brand with messaging that resonates with them

You and your fabricating, processing, or converting company:

  • Will be taken care of
  • Can trust us
  • Will find us easy to work with
  • Will be completely satisfied with our products and services

Websites that Achieve Your Goals

View these original designs by Packerland Websites

Time for a new manufacturer website?

Some manufacturers tell us, “We have a website already.” Well, just because you have a website doesn’t mean you’re using it to its highest capabilities. Is your website doing everything it can as a marketing, communications and promotional tool? You wouldn’t keep an old, outdated machine on the production floor, would you? Then why keep a tired-looking, ineffective website around?

Contact Us

One of the best ways to get internet results is to speak to the struggles of clients and prospects. Then, explain why you do what you do and the solutions you provide. Sound easy? The team at Packerland Websites is ready to help. Contact us today for professional content writing and marketing services that get a response.

Do professional bios belong on websites?

dentists benefit from professional bios

My dentist is at the stage in life when he works less. He’s easing out of the dental practice, and he hired another dentist to pick up the slack. While waiting for my appointment recently, I overheard one of his patients. She said she wouldn’t see any other dentist. Consequently, she doesn’t know what she will do when our dentist retires completely.

Professional Bios Foster Customer Loyalty

That type of customer loyalty indicates meaningful one-to-one relationships between consumers and service providers. How can a website foster these relationships? One design element is a professional bio. Basically, a professional bio explains who you are, what you do, and who you help. A professional bio highlights career and academic achievements. (Personal interests are optional, depending on your objectives.) Professional bios build a service provider’s brand image. Essentially, they build upon what’s shared on the About page.

Professional Bios for Service Providers

Service providers who work one-on-one with clients can benefit from publishing professional bios on their websites. These types of service providers include:

professional bios
  • Dentists
  • Attorneys
  • Massage therapists
  • Real estate agents
  • Insurance agents
  • Hair stylists
  • Personal coaches

Even website developers have professional bios! All of these professions involve personal interaction. Successful connections lead to customer loyalty. Return customers are the backbone of any business. In contrast, new customers are essential to growth. A well-crafted bio resonates with existing customers and piques the interest of prospects. Three Steps to Writing a Catchy Bio

Professional Bios for Organizational Leaders

In addition to service providers, organizational leaders can benefit from professional bios. Leaders in a for-profit or nonprofit organization build audience trust with bios. One example is the Oconto Falls Chamber of Commerce. Chamber members and nonmembers get to know the directors. Links to the director’s social media profiles and company websites encourage communication.

Achieving Your Website Goals

As you can see, professional bios actually do belong on websites. Professional bios are especially advantageous for service providers working personally with clients and organizational leaders reaching out to members and nonmembers. Packerland Websites will help you decide if professional bios are right for your website. First and foremost, we will consider your goals as they pertain to branding your organization and personnel. Contact us for a consultation today.

6 Tips: Recruit Workers Via Your Website

Job recruitment by LeTourneau PlasticsA commercial contractor I spoke with recently said he didn’t need a website. What he needed were more employees! In today’s tight job market, he was missing out on a golden opportunity. Why not create a website that kicks butt as a recruitment tool? As employees are hired and the organization takes on more work, the website pays for itself.

The planning that goes into every website developed by Packerland Websites begins with the same important question: What are your business objectives? If you have jobs to fill, employee recruitment might be at the top of your list.

How can a company use its website for recruitment? Here are 6 tips.

1. Post job descriptions in real time Companies often have more than one position open. To save time and labor, a business can post job openings in real time. A website makes it easy to announce each opening and post its job description. The job postings are readily available 24/7, convenient to anyone searching after hours.

2. Easy navigation directs candidates to applications The most useful recruitment feature on a website is a simple pathway to the employment opportunities pages. The link can direct candidates to the online/printable application and application instructions. An Employment Quick Link in the footer of every page also brings candidates to the application link.

3. Streamlined application processing Human Resources employees have automatic access to applications immediately after the applications are submitted. The website forwards applications to the staff’s email inboxes. The staff can instantaneously prequalify the candidates and advance to the next phase of the hiring process.

4. Adaptable content for recruitment WordPress (our content management system), makes it easy for multiple users to change and update content. This flexibility is helpful at businesses because the staff is able to modify the text according to specific application requirements and processes.

5. Give recruits a reason to choose you Serious job seekers will research employers online before they apply for a job. An attractive, user-friendly company website will contribute to the strength of your brand. Visitors to a website should see images and text describing the company’s history, capabilities, products, and services. The employment page can tout the advantages of competitive wages, insurance benefits, 401(k), vacation, paid holidays, work schedule, etc.

6. Bells and whistles Dress up your website with features that will resonate with potential employees:

  • Clickable “Now Hiring” button on the Home page
  • Employee testimonials, either written or video
  • “Meet our Staff” pages that include photos and professional bios
  • Employee profiles as Blogs and Vlogs
  • Job satisfaction surveys
  • Photos, videos, and articles that demonstrate the company culture
  • Compensation, training, and benefit package information prominently displayed

If you have jobs to fill, are you giving recruits a good reason to choose you? Your brand is more important than ever in today’s competitive job market. We can help you build that brand and attract talented employees. Give us a call today, 920-826-5901.

Crazy Busy? Now’s the Time for a New Website

busy businessman needs a new website

Today’s small business owners are swamped. We hear it all the time, “I’m too busy to design a new website.” “Our company is so busy, why would we need a new website? We have all the business we can handle.” I commend all of these hardworking business owners. I know exactly what they’re describing, because I’ve been in their shoes. Initially, I was crazy-busy building homes and currently, I’m crazy-busy building websites.

Benefits of a New Website

So, why is a busy time an especially good time for a new website? Because a website isn’t just a marketing tool to gain leads and sell products and services during the slow periods. A business site is much more than that.

Branding Tool

A company website represents the official voice and brand of the business. The text on a webpage explains who, what, when, when, how, and why you do what you do. The site shows consistent colors, logos, and mottos that clients recognize and trust. The site looks modern, opens quickly, and navigates easily, so the audience has a positive user experience. Visitors see a company that cares about its image, and consequently, cares about its clients, too. Users see a company that understands their challenges and offers them the best solutions.

Communications Portal

A website is a two-way communications tool that works 24/7/365. Today’s consumers search for products and services at all hours. Whether it’s early morning, after hours, holidays, or weekends, your audience can find and contact your organization. A website provides essential communication including:

contact us for a new website
  • Contact form
  • One-tap dialing
  • Chat bot
  • Testimonials
  • E-commerce store
  • Call to Action
  • Content: Home, About, Products/Services, FAQs, Menu

Hiring platform

If you’re busy, you’re probably hiring. Although it’s difficult to find workers in today’s tight job market, digital strategies can help. Job seekers often review a company’s internet presence before applying. Thus, a website becomes a recruiting tool.

  • Corporate culture – Showcase the benefits and experiences of being on your team
  • Job posting page – List current openings is an easily searchable format
  • Link to applications – Encourage job seekers to complete an application with easy-to-use navigation

Multi-faceted approach to website design

Learn more about Packerland Websites’ new website development

invest in a new website

Investment in the Future

Perhaps your business is booming. Your current site, although out of date, is working just fine. However, that doesn’t mean the website doesn’t need a tune-up. By investing in a new website, you invest in the future of your company. Essentially, you present a fresh look that’s modern, attractive, and user-friendly. Above all, you want to keep the momentum going. You want to stay busy and productive well into the future. It’s possible with the right business strategy that includes a powerful, effective website.

Contact Us

The Packerland Websites team knows time is money. We have people and processes in place to develop websites without overtaxing your staff. Busy organizations don’t look for ways to add more to their plate or stress to their workday. Wouldn’t it be nice to have our team take the lead in developing a new website that’s right for you? Contact us to get started.

Server Issue: Website not showing up at work?

Microsoft server

So, you just built a great looking, brand-new website, but you can’t view it when you are at work. What’s happening? Well, there was a time we had to ask this question ourselves. If you have an internal server, there may be an extra hoop to jump through in order to view your organization’s website. Hopefully, this article will help you skip the learning curve.

Domain Name & Hosting

Taking a small step back, we discussed some helpful background information in an earlier article, 3 Basic Website Elements You Shouldn’t Overlook. Essentially, you have your domain name, which is like an Internet deed with a pointer to where things are at. Typically, digital information is stored on servers, which are specialty computers that store your information for websites, emails and other stuff. This storage is often called hosting. When something is hosted, the domain tells where it is found and connects everything together. This is called an A record (like the letter A). It is important that the A record is set for and the WWW as in WWW.yourdomainname. The Internet recognizes these as two separate domain names, even though as humans, we see them as one.

Selecting the Right Domain Name

We can help you secure a domain name for your organization Shop here.

Internal & External Server

When you have an internal server managing your business and an external server where your website sits, there are two areas that needs pointing. The short cut is having a good IT person go to your internal server and point the website address to the external server on which it is sitting. An easy way to check this is to pull your website up on your smart phone, with the WIFI turned OFF. By using mobile data, you can check on your website without running through your internal server first. If it is still confusing, you are not alone. Even some IT people sometimes get tripped up on this hiccup. It is also important that you have an SSL certificate. You can read about SSL certificates here. An SSL changes HTTP to HTTPS. This change is for security and functionality.

Contact Us for More Information

IT can sometimes be frustrating for the average person. Sometimes, it is even frustrating for the IT person. We hope this article helps you diagnose and overcome this server challenge. Contact us for more information about servers, domain names, and hosting.

Target Audience: Websites that Hit the Bullseye

target audience

A website is much more than just a brochure on the internet. Instead, it’s a complex tool that leads a target audience on a journey to learn more about your organization. Viewers navigate through tabs, pages, links, calendars, contact forms, and other features to find what they’re looking for. If a website is user-friendly, the user experience will be easy and fulfilling.

Make Conversions

The end result is action. Visitors will tap the one-touch phone icon to give you a call. Fill in the contact form and send a message. Complete a job application and submit it to HR. Purchase a product. Schedule an appointment … you get the idea. A powerful, effective website funnels users along a path to a desired endpoint. Thus, a website out-performs a simple brochure by a mile. One goal of a website is to attract, interest, and motivate your target audience. The result? Making conversions.

Define Your Target Audience

Websites with all the bells and whistles are impressive. However, they might not be effective in reaching a target audience. Defining a primary, secondary, and tertiary target audience is Step 1 when we meet with clients. Together with the client, we step back to look at who we’re creating the website for. Many times, a client is aware of its primary audience, saying, “I need to reach my customers.” Yet by thinking only about one particular group, they miss out on other visitors that shouldn’t be ignored.

A well-developed website relates to and speaks directly to each, individual audience.

Visitors feel at-home when they browse the website. It’s as if the site was built just for them.

Speak to Your Website Visitors

For example, let’s consider Artists for the Humanities. A4TH is a nonprofit organization using expressive art as a healing tool for disabled military veterans and at-risk community populations. Essentially, A4TH appeals to three unique target audiences. When designing the A4TH website, our developers paid special attention to each audience.

  1. Disabled Veterans and other individuals who have experienced trauma or other challenges
  2. Artists interested in getting involved with the organization to provide expressive art therapy
  3. Donors who support the nonprofit organization and provide art therapy as a free service

How will you speak to your specific audience?

View our Portfolio for Design Inspiration

Create an Effective Design

In every website, we design multiple elements to reach the primary, secondary, and tertiary audience. Our design elements include headings, images, keywords, call-to-action buttons, breakout blocks, contact forms, and more.

Hit Your Target

One of the best ways to get internet results is to identify and define a target audience. Then, tailor your website to attract, interest, and motivate this audience. Speak to each audience directly. Sound easy? The team at Packerland Websites is ready to help. Contact us today for professional marketing and promotional services that hit their target.

target audience fish concept