Cybersecurity: Protecting Websites & Easing Worries

cybersecurity strategies

By Noah Roberts, Web Developer, Packerland Websites

Unfortunately, small businesses are top targets for cyberattacks. Our clients need websites to be up and running 24/7/365. Any disruptions can result in a loss of business and reputation. Fortunately, the Packerland Websites’ team takes cybersecurity seriously. We implement the latest security measures to protect clients’ websites from hacking and cyberattacks.

Website Back-ups Stored on Off-Site Servers

First, we run full backups of the site monthly and then weekly incremental backups in between. Essentially, if something changes on the website in between the full monthly backups, the weekly back-ups save the data. The backup websites are stored off site in a secure location. This ensures that we have an up-to-date, accurate snapshot of the website stored in a secure place. Additionally, we have the ability to implement daily backups, if requested. Some of our most complex and high-traffic websites prefer daily back-ups for cybersecurity.

Webpage Restoration After a Cyberattack

Second, if something happens to the website, it’s typically a seamless process to get the site restored from those backups. In most cases, it takes just a matter of minutes. When a client notifies us of a cyberattack, we restore a previous version in short order. However, if the website is down due to a server issue, we would have to wait for response from our server partners. Good news! Our server partners guarantee a 99.9% uptime, so downtime is extremely rare. Our server partners quickly resolve any issues, and we have confidence in their response time. 

Expired Domain Names Require Attention

Third, let’s look at another issue that affects uptime. If a website goes down due to an expired domain, we would need to get the domain issue sorted out before the site could be restored. The time it takes to resolve this issue affects how quickly we can get the website back up. The client might have to renew the domain if it has expired and make sure it is properly secured for the future. Domains can be registered by Packerland Websites or in a client’s domain registrar. When renewing a domain name, be aware of Domain Names Scams.

Cybersecurity Tools & Personnel

When a website goes down because of a malicious attack, Packerland Website has the cybersecurity tools and personnel to bring the webpage back online. Cybersecurity measures are built into every website we design, giving clients confidence and peace of mind. For secure, effective, and dynamic websites that help you achieve your goals, contact us today.