Internet Health Checkup

A person searching for something online is more likely to click on a website that appears quickly and more prominently. Since everyone is gunning for that No. 1 spot using SEO, it becomes competitive. The key is to get your website in the best shape possible to compete.

You need your website to be easily searchable, because increased exposure is likely to lead to increased sales.

So how can you improve your ranking on a search engine result page like Google? The answer is search engine optimization, abbreviated to SEO.

At Packerland Websites, we are experts at onsite and offsite SEO strategies to help you improve your ranking. We have a great arsenal of on-page strategies we include with every website we build, like relevant and original written content, plus behind-the-scenes site maps and META tags which describe a website to search engines.

Off-page tactics include submitting a website address to search engines, directory listings, map listings, industry listings, plus press releases, article submissions and more.

Here are some examples of SEO strategies:

• Good, solid content cannot be stressed enough. There are some techniques that you can use, such as adding phrases with latent keywords. If your site is about a dog obedience school, you may consider words such as dog, pup, puppies, collie, spaniel, obedience, discipline, training and so on. These are all keywords that relate but are still unique.

• You can tell the search engine what your site is about by using things called META tags. These go in titles, keywords and descriptions. Have you ever saved a website and found that the page name is called ‘home?’ A huge loss could have been saved right there. If a search engine asks what you want to be known for, why would you not want to tell them?

• Attaching an alternate text message to an image creates more definitions and is an accepted way to add keywords. Alternate text is also helpful when a person is using a device that replaces images with text. It is important because the spiders crawling your website can read text, but not interpret images. The spiders just know that an image is there. By adding an alternate text message, the spider now can report back about the image it found.

• Sitemaps are a must. Your visitors will not see them when visiting your website, but they are like candy to the spiders. When a spider gets to your site, sitemaps are the first thing they are looking for. Site maps make their job faster and more efficient. Text links in footers are another item that used to help spiders, as well as visible sitemaps with text links.

• There is also SEO done offsite that can greatly help to improve your rankings. These strategies include submission to search engines, directory listings, map listings, industry listings, press releases, article submissions and more.

To see how your business appears online, you can check out our Online Business Scanner here.

Packerland Websites would be happy to share more  information with you regarding these services and help you develop successful SEO strategies. For a free consultation, call us at 920-826-5901. After all, “Your success is our success.”