Our Services

Web Design Services

web developerWe develop websites designed around a marketing plan, addressing the purpose and goals of each individual site. Websites built by Packerland Websites are both visually appealing and highly effective in attracting visitors and converting them to customers.  Are you looking for a custom site that matches your company colors and other marketing tools? A site that is clean, professional, and attracts customers to you without breaking the bank? We would be happy to work directly with you to determine the best solution for your needs while staying within a tight budget.

We can pretty much create whatever size and type of site you want. We build user-friendly, attractive websites for small businesses, large corporations, and nonprofit organizations.

We also build websites for municipalities and school districts and have the tools and knowledge geared specifically to governmental websites. We work closely with public entities, mindful of the proposed handicapped accessibility rules for websites related to the Americans With Disabilities Act. Some people are afraid that compliance will be unreasonably expensive, technically difficult, and a real pain! A big challenge will be to find a website developer that you can get to know and trust. You need someone to develop a website with handicapped accessibility in mind, someone who can build with competence and timeliness, but without a big price tag. Packerland Websites is that developer.


Search Engine Optimization

pointing elfA person searching for something online is more likely to click on a website that appears quickly and more prominently on a search engine result page like Google. Search engine optimization, SEO, is the strategy used to obtain a higher search engine ranking. At Packerland Websites, we are experts at onsite and offsite strategies to help you improve your ranking.  We can prepare a written analysis of on-site SEO and off-site SEO and explain in layman’s terms why we believe a particular strategy will have an impact. That’s one of the helpful services we offer in order to help our clients get found on the internet.

Real SEO efforts are like grains of sand on a scale adding weight. Because search engines guard against explaining the process of exactly how they rank websites, it can be difficult knowing exactly how much effort or time it will take to improve a ranking..

SEM, search engine marketing, is the process of buying ads to advertise on Internet pages. Although Packerland Websites does both SEO and SEM, the long-term SEO strategy and goal is to make it easier for someone to find you versus you searching and paying for them (as in one click at a time).


Content Writing

How well are you telling your story? Clear, well-written content encourages visitors to do business with you, not your competition. First and foremost, written content needs to resonate with your audience. Secondly, the text needs to help you rank higher on Search Engine Results pages like Google.

Keywords, titles, and tags improve your website’s ability to get found online. These Search Engine Optimization techniques assist the automated search bots that crawl and index the Web. They read a website’s code and add it to their database. When someone searches online for your type of product or service, Google responds with a relevant result.

Businesses owners know they need to build relationships with their website visitors. Although they are experts in their field, they are not necessarily experts at SEO, marketing, or writing. They struggle to find the time to write website content for their business.

We can help. Writer to the Rescue, the content writing division of Packerland Websites, tells your story with flair. “Wonder Writer” Joan Koehne is a content marketing specialist with college degrees in journalism and marketing and over 10 years of experience. The Wonder Writer and her team write website content, blogs, news releases, and marketing materials. Learn more about Writer to the Rescue.

Buy a Domain Name

Your domain name is both your address and your piece of website real estate. Packerland Websites will aid you in getting the best one. We can register a domain name for you, but we prefer that you have everything in your name. After all, it is your piece of real estate, and it costs only about $18 a year!

When selecting a domain name, you want something short, easy to type, simple to remember, and descriptive. You want to use keywords that people will understand and associate with easily. You also want to find a domain name that is yours alone. Finding a domain name that is not “taken” by someone else can be tricky, but it’s possible if you know where and how to look. It’s one of the many services we offer. We can help you search for a domain name that truly reflects what you do and who you are.