Target Audience: Websites that Hit the Bullseye

target audience

A website is much more than just a brochure on the internet. Instead, it’s a complex tool that leads a target audience on a journey to learn more about your organization. Viewers navigate through tabs, pages, links, calendars, contact forms, and other features to find what they’re looking for. If a website is user-friendly, the user experience will be easy and fulfilling.

Make Conversions

The end result is action. Visitors will tap the one-touch phone icon to give you a call. Fill in the contact form and send a message. Complete a job application and submit it to HR. Purchase a product. Schedule an appointment … you get the idea. A powerful, effective website funnels users along a path to a desired endpoint. Thus, a website out-performs a simple brochure by a mile. One goal of a website is to attract, interest, and motivate your target audience. The result? Making conversions.

Define Your Target Audience

Websites with all the bells and whistles are impressive. However, they might not be effective in reaching a target audience. Defining a primary, secondary, and tertiary target audience is Step 1 when we meet with clients. Together with the client, we step back to look at who we’re creating the website for. Many times, a client is aware of its primary audience, saying, “I need to reach my customers.” Yet by thinking only about one particular group, they miss out on other visitors that shouldn’t be ignored.

A well-developed website relates to and speaks directly to each, individual audience.

Visitors feel at-home when they browse the website. It’s as if the site was built just for them.

Speak to Your Website Visitors

For example, let’s consider Artists for the Humanities. A4TH is a nonprofit organization using expressive art as a healing tool for disabled military veterans and at-risk community populations. Essentially, A4TH appeals to three unique target audiences. When designing the A4TH website, our developers paid special attention to each audience.

  1. Disabled Veterans and other individuals who have experienced trauma or other challenges
  2. Artists interested in getting involved with the organization to provide expressive art therapy
  3. Donors who support the nonprofit organization and provide art therapy as a free service

How will you speak to your specific audience?

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Create an Effective Design

In every website, we design multiple elements to reach the primary, secondary, and tertiary audience. Our design elements include headings, images, keywords, call-to-action buttons, breakout blocks, contact forms, and more.

Hit Your Target

One of the best ways to get internet results is to identify and define a target audience. Then, tailor your website to attract, interest, and motivate this audience. Speak to each audience directly. Sound easy? The team at Packerland Websites is ready to help. Contact us today for professional marketing and promotional services that hit their target.

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