6 Signs Your Company Needs a New Website

Home shows always feature a “big reveal,” with stunning side-by-side images of Before and After. Website makeovers are just as striking. But when is the right time to re-create a site? If you’re like most business owners, you want to know if a redesigned site is a good investment before you spend the money.

Here are 6 signs that your company needs a new website

New websites need new web design

1. More than 5 years old

Like all technology, website technology changes quickly. You don’t need to be an expert web designer to know if a site is outdated. Your audience will take one look and form an opinion. If your website looks “tired,” how does that represent for your company as a whole? Visitors may wonder what else is being neglected in your business. A website is a 24/7 representation of your brand and operations. Make sure it’s up-to-date in appearance and content.

2. Mediocre user experience

It’s frustrating to search for missing car keys and sunglasses, The same goes for websites. Visitors should find what they need quickly. They should see a clear navigation path on your site and know which links lead to which pages. An audience with a positive user experience navigating, viewing, and interacting with your site is likely to stay on the site longer. As a result, the audience will be more willing to respond to your call to action. Layout and design are so important. Websites developed with a functional, user-friendly, and attractive design create a satisfying user experience.

3. Doesn’t resize for mobile devices

new website resizes for mobile devices

A website with a mobile-friendly design will resize to fit the device of the user. Mobile-responsive design enables pages to reformat to fit any screen. Viewers can easily navigate and read webpages. An additional feature is one-touch dialing. Users simply press a button on their phone to call a business. They immediately place a call instead of waiting until later and possibly, forgetting altogether.

4. ‘Not Secure’ message

Unfortunately, security threats are increasing, making websites more susceptible to hacking. Search engines list websites without the common security features (SSL certificate and HTTPS security) as “Not Secure.” A “Not Secure” site makes the audience think twice about visiting. Additionally, Google ranking systems reward sites with SSL certificates. You want viewers to find your organization easily in searches. Plus, you want them to trust you and feel comfortable interacting with your site. The latest security contributes to both.

5. Website is slow to load or down often

Who enjoys getting an error message or waiting for webpages to load? Viewers quickly move on to another page – maybe your competitor’s. Obviously, a site that loads quickly and operates smoothly is important. Website outages or slow-loading sites indicate problems with the hosting service provider. Large, complex sites require powerful hosting for support. Therefore, work with a developer who can provide the hosting services your company requires.

6. Managing webpages is a chore

packerland tutorial

If your team dreads making changes to your site, then it’s time for a simpler content management system. A reliable website provider will routinely update themes and plug-ins. Additionally, they provide the knowledge website owners require to edit the webpages themselves. WordPress websites offer the simplicity and time-savings that businesses desire for easy management. Packerland Websites readies clients for management. Packerland Websites offers one-on-one training, printed and video tutorials, technical support via phone, email, chat bot, and support tickets.

A new website is a marketing tool

Now, if your website exhibits any of these warning signs, it’s time to consider a new one. An aging website that’s not user-friendly, mobile-responsive, secure, fast, or easy-to-manage can be remedied. Make the most of your website with a rebuild. The end product will be a vital communication and marketing tool. The Before and After images will be stunning! Contact us to get started.