Server Issue: Website not showing up at work?

Microsoft server

So, you just built a great looking, brand-new website, but you can’t view it when you are at work. What’s happening? Well, there was a time we had to ask this question ourselves. If you have an internal server, there may be an extra hoop to jump through in order to view your organization’s website. Hopefully, this article will help you skip the learning curve.

Domain Name & Hosting

Taking a small step back, we discussed some helpful background information in an earlier article, 3 Basic Website Elements You Shouldn’t Overlook. Essentially, you have your domain name, which is like an Internet deed with a pointer to where things are at. Typically, digital information is stored on servers, which are specialty computers that store your information for websites, emails and other stuff. This storage is often called hosting. When something is hosted, the domain tells where it is found and connects everything together. This is called an A record (like the letter A). It is important that the A record is set for and the WWW as in WWW.yourdomainname. The Internet recognizes these as two separate domain names, even though as humans, we see them as one.

Selecting the Right Domain Name

We can help you secure a domain name for your organization Shop here.

Internal & External Server

When you have an internal server managing your business and an external server where your website sits, there are two areas that needs pointing. The short cut is having a good IT person go to your internal server and point the website address to the external server on which it is sitting. An easy way to check this is to pull your website up on your smart phone, with the WIFI turned OFF. By using mobile data, you can check on your website without running through your internal server first. If it is still confusing, you are not alone. Even some IT people sometimes get tripped up on this hiccup. It is also important that you have an SSL certificate. You can read about SSL certificates here. An SSL changes HTTP to HTTPS. This change is for security and functionality.

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IT can sometimes be frustrating for the average person. Sometimes, it is even frustrating for the IT person. We hope this article helps you diagnose and overcome this server challenge. Contact us for more information about servers, domain names, and hosting.