Advanced Paragraph Plugin by Packerland Websites

Advanced Paragraph Plugin makes impact on Gutenberg Editor

Packerland Websites is excited to introduce a custom WordPress plugin that makes it easier to hyperlink files and edit content. Created by developer Mike McGraw, the open source Advanced Paragraph plugin debuted Sept. 11. It’s free to use and available for download here. WordPress introduced the Gutenberg editor in December 2018, and the Advanced Paragraph plugin makes Gutenberg more user-friendly.

So, what does the Advanced Paragraph plugin do? Three things.

First, the plugin adds a “Packerland Websites” category in the block search.

Second, the plugin extends the Gutenberg Editor to the full width of the computer screen. Gutenberg’s default editor is one-third width of the computer screen and centered. Occasionally, this narrow design makes it difficult to edit the content in the Gutenberg blocks. For example, it’s easier to edit columns with a wide-screen view.

Third, the plugin adds an Advanced Paragraph block to efficiently hyperlink files on a website page. This allows you to easily move from one document to another.

  1. This block acts just like the paragraph block, but it has two extra buttons.
  2. These buttons open the media library for you to select a file of your choice. Files include images, PDFs, or other files in your media library.
  3. Once you have a file selected, the plugin will copy the URL of that file into your clipboard then close the media library.
  4. After that, you can use the normal hyperlink feature to make a clickable link to that file

Efficiently creates internal, outbound links

Hyperlinking is a valuable way to direct your audience to worthwhile information. You can crosslink pages within the same or different websites. In addition, you can hyperlink to graphics, PDFs, or other files that you want your audience to see. The Advanced Paragraph plugin is an efficient way to create these internal links and outbound links.

Please note: You can transform this advanced paragraph block into the default paragraph block and the default paragraph block into the advanced paragraph block.

The Packerland team is excited to make this plugin available to our clients and to the general public. We’re committed to improving user interaction features so you can achieve your digital marketing goals. If you find any bugs in the plugin, please let us know.

We hope you find the Advanced Paragraph plugin to be a valuable tool for adding and editing content in WordPress.

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