3 Basic Website Elements You Shouldn’t Overlook

Basic Website Elements

To accomplish everything you want for a new or rebuilt website you need a bold strategy and an expert guide. Every website is different, because each is developed based on specific goals and objectives. However, all websites share a few basic website elements:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Website Hosting
  3. Email Hosting

Unless you work with these three basic website elements all the time, it can be confusing. Let’s take a closer look at all three.

Domain Name

First, a domain name is like your Internet deed to your online real estate. The domain name is used to “point” to where you have things happening on the Internet. We can help our clients find, choose, and secure a domain name that will work best for their website. Be forewarned! You need to renew your lease every year, so watch your inbox for renewal emails and renew your domain name before it expires. When a website goes down, the first thing we check is the lease of the domain name.

Website Hosting

Second, website hosting refers to a program sitting on a server. A server is a fancy computer with critical backups and multiple locations. It spins up a response when someone types in your domain name and the domain name is pointed to the server that the website sits on (called A records). We are happy to arrange the safe and reliable website hosting for a majority of our clients.

Email Hosting

Lastly, email hosting is third basic website element. Of course, you want to keep the flow of emails coming and going. Email, like a website, is sitting on a server as well well (but not the same server as your website.) The email server accepts and sends out your emails once the domain name confirms that the email address is correct (called MX records). Email set-up is one of the many routine services we offer to clients.

You might also have an email client which manages your email for you. With this option, you directly log into an email account provided by your host. On our end, we need to properly link to your email hosting account. Although they are related, the hosting of a website is completely separate from the hosting of email.

Basic Website Elements

So, there you have it, an insider’s explanation of three basic website elements. Contact us to learn more about the website building process or to talk with us about online solutions specific to your business or organization. We love collaborating, because your success is our success.