Who We Are

When I first opened Packerland Websites, I took pride in telling people I was a full-time web developer, unlike so many other developers who built websites on the side. Fast forward to today, and I have an even more exciting story to tell. Take a look at our staff biographies. Packerland Websites has grown from a business managed by a single owner/operator to a team of four full-time web professionals, each with our own strengths. In addition to this impressive team, Packerland Websites is supported by a talented and experienced group of contributors. Our graphic designers, social media marketing specialists, and search engine optimization professionals give you the breadth of services necessary to build and maintain a vibrant online presence for your business or organization. (Read more)

Bill Koehne
Bill Koehne has been building websites since 1999. With a degree in Business Administration and over 20 years managing a construction and manufacturing firm, Bill has a developed a passion for growing and promoting businesses. He is a master Internet marketer whose philosophy is “Your success is our success.”
Joan Koehne
Wonder Writer
Once a mild-mannered reporter and editor, Joan Koehne has taken on the persona of her alter ego, Wonder Writer. In 2017 she went up, up and away to launch a writing services business, Writer to the Rescue. Named 2017 Marketing Student of the Year at NWTC, Joan’s saving the world one word at a time.
Diane Markovich
Full Stack Developer
Every pixel matters to Diane Markovich, full stack developer since 2006. Detail-oriented and competent in all aspects of website design, Diane fully understands the intricacies of WordPress, today’s top website content management system. Diane, who earned an Associate Degree in web design, has the knowledge and talent to tackle projects of all sizes.
Jessica Pittman
Website Developer
Jessica Pittman loves the challenge of the ever-changing world of website design. Having earned a Bachelor’s Degree in an unrelated field, Jessica changed course and became a self-taught designer. Jessica has working professionally since 2013 and takes pride in creating websites that stand out and get noticed. Client satisfaction is her goal.
Rick Buss
Sales Manager
An experienced problem-solver, Rick Buss is sales manager of SEO Elves, specializing in customer service. Utilizing the Internet health check-up as a valuable tool, Rick assesses the strength of your Internet presence and recommends ways to make it vibrant and robust. Website and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) sales are his specialties.
Delrae Bennett
Social Media
Delrae Bennett guides businesses to leverage Social Media. Why? “Because they will look you up before contacting your business.” Delrae and her assistant, Regina, create posts and blogs relevant to your business brand, style and personality. Attract new business by sharing who you are as a company on SM platforms.