What’s New? Chat Bot & Support Ticket

Working with Packerland Websites just got better. This month we rolled out two new customer relationship tools – a chat bot and an updated support ticket. The chat bot links you to a team member to answer your questions on the spot. The bot offers an easy way to communicate with us during business hours. (If nobody answers, leave a message and someone will respond later.) The other new tool, the updated support ticket, offers more assurances that we received your ticket and are working on your request.

Here’s how the support ticket works. Immediately after submitting a request, you will see a pop-up message that says: “Thank you, your support ticket has been sent.” The pop-up message is a new feature we added to give you peace of mind. The message confirms that your ticket is in our support system.

A follow-up email reconfirms that we received your support request. This email includes the details of your request, showing  the issue to be resolved. This is another new feature. Once our team resolves your issue, you receive a confirmation email. This email announces that your support request has been addressed and completed.

Support tickets are resolved within three business days, and tickets take precedence over emailed requests. To access the support ticket, visit the Contact Us page on Packerland’s website and click the Submit a Support Ticket button.

Submit a support ticket

Find the support ticket on our Contact page, at the bottom of our website pages, and in our team members’ email signatures.

We value our relationship with you and continue to seek out new ways to respond to your needs. The chat bot and updated support system are designed with you in mind. The ongoing security, functionality and performance of your website is important to us. These new tools help us to offer the very best in customer service and website maintenance. Let us know how we can update your website to your liking.