Expert Tips: Make Your Website Load Fast, Look Good, Be Secure

Expert website advice from Mike Mc Graw

Packerland Websites designer Mike McGraw is constantly researching how to keep clients’ websites loading fast, looking good, and staying secure from hackers. Here, he explains how he achieves these goals and how clients can contribute on their own behalf.

How do I get my website to pop up quickly?

Today’s web users may not have the patience to wait for a slow-loading website to pop up. One study shows that viewers wait only 3 seconds for a website to open, then abandon the search. Increasing load speeds is a fun task to tackle because of its complexity. Lots of factors affect loading time, including internet speed, device, and cache.

Here’s what you can do to make a website load faster

The easiest way to make a website load faster is to size images properly. If you have a 5000 px wide image in a section that is only 2000 px wide, it doesn’t just look bad. Large images load more slowly, increasing the time it takes for a website to open. You can significantly reduce load times by resizing that image. Ask one of our team members for some guidance; we’re happy to answer your questions. Not sure how to resize an image?

How to resize a photo:
  1. Use an image resizing website
  2. Use Paint, a resizing tool available in Windows
  3. Use Preview, a resizing tool available in Mac

How do I provide a better user experience for my audience?

I have been playing around with a ton of different methods/options to really give a website a better UX (User Experience). From simple color changes to really robust animations, the possibilities are endless. I pick up UX ideas and inspiration from seeing the work of other developers, but what helps me most is creating a project myself. I have more than 500 projects saved locally that I have not shared with the public. The best part of these projects is the funny features in them.

Here’s what you can do to provide a better UX

Review websites related to your industry to determine your likes and dislikes. Share your ideas with the Packerland Websites team. We can offer our expert advice.

How do I secure my website from hackers?

Hackers are always finding new ways to get into websites. My No. 1 priority when creating a website is to identify security issues before the hackers do. There are a ton of ways they can hack into a site. In response to these threats, our team does its best to lock out hackers while still giving clients a good editing experience. Security is important to us. That’s why we host websites on secure, HTTPS servers (Side Note: HTTPS also improves a website’s ranking on Google.) We also provide additional techie benefits like backups of your website and databases with 30-day retention. Lastly, we do other, boring stuff that just plain makes your website more functional.

Here’s what you can do to deter hackers

The primary way to fend off hackers is to create complex passwords.

Final thoughts from Mike

Website expert Mike McGraw
Mike McGraw

At the end of the day, I am grateful to Packerland Websites for letting me spend every day doing what I love. It has made this position not a job but a place where I can really turn my passion of coding into something more than just a normal, everyday hobby.

I hope you find some value in the ideas I shared. I look forward to learning more ways to keep your website loading fast, looking good, and staying secure. Contact our team for help you need to develop, maintain, and optimize your digital marketing strategies via websites and SEO.