Website developer meets clients’ goals

Mike McGraw joined the team of Packerland Websites, 2140 Velp Ave., as a WordPress web developer. McGraw, of Green Bay, earned an Associate degree in Web Design in 2016 at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. After graduation, he designed websites as a freelancer before joining the Packerland Websites staff in late 2018.

Web developer Mike McGraw at Packerland Websites
Mike McGraw

“Mike is a great addition, helping us form a solid team of Web experts,” said Packerland Websites’ owner, Bill Koehne. “Our team now includes Mike, Alexa Vander Wyst, who has a degree in Graphic Communications, and myself, with a degree in Marketing. By combining these three areas of expertise, we can achieve the Internet goals our clients are looking for.” As a website developer, Mike excels at creating websites that load and function correctly.

“I take a look at functionality first, over aesthetics. Once I have that, I make sure the website looks professional and meets the customer’s goals,” he said.

Mike enjoys the critical thinking involved in coding and web developer projects. He also enjoys being a part of the broader tech community and staying up-to-date on the latest technology.

“It’s always changing. It’s never something you can get bored with,” he said.
Mike developed an interest in websites while creating video games with friends at Two Rivers High School. “That’s were my whole web career started. I got into the coding and started creating videos games that I was proud of,” he said.

With the addition of Mike to the website developer staff, Packerland Websites is ready to serve more clients at its Green Bay and Abrams offices. Contact the website professionals at 920-826-5901.