Crazy Busy? Now’s the Time for a New Website

busy businessman needs a new website

Today’s small business owners are swamped. We hear it all the time, “I’m too busy to design a new website.” “Our company is so busy, why would we need a new website? We have all the business we can handle.” I commend all of these hardworking business owners. I know exactly what they’re describing, because I’ve been in their shoes. Initially, I was crazy-busy building homes and currently, I’m crazy-busy building websites.

Benefits of a New Website

So, why is a busy time an especially good time for a new website? Because a website isn’t just a marketing tool to gain leads and sell products and services during the slow periods. A business site is much more than that.

Branding Tool

A company website represents the official voice and brand of the business. The text on a webpage explains who, what, when, when, how, and why you do what you do. The site shows consistent colors, logos, and mottos that clients recognize and trust. The site looks modern, opens quickly, and navigates easily, so the audience has a positive user experience. Visitors see a company that cares about its image, and consequently, cares about its clients, too. Users see a company that understands their challenges and offers them the best solutions.

Communications Portal

A website is a two-way communications tool that works 24/7/365. Today’s consumers search for products and services at all hours. Whether it’s early morning, after hours, holidays, or weekends, your audience can find and contact your organization. A website provides essential communication including:

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  • Contact form
  • One-tap dialing
  • Chat bot
  • Testimonials
  • E-commerce store
  • Call to Action
  • Content: Home, About, Products/Services, FAQs, Menu

Hiring platform

If you’re busy, you’re probably hiring. Although it’s difficult to find workers in today’s tight job market, digital strategies can help. Job seekers often review a company’s internet presence before applying. Thus, a website becomes a recruiting tool.

  • Corporate culture – Showcase the benefits and experiences of being on your team
  • Job posting page – List current openings is an easily searchable format
  • Link to applications – Encourage job seekers to complete an application with easy-to-use navigation

Multi-faceted approach to website design

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Investment in the Future

Perhaps your business is booming. Your current site, although out of date, is working just fine. However, that doesn’t mean the website doesn’t need a tune-up. By investing in a new website, you invest in the future of your company. Essentially, you present a fresh look that’s modern, attractive, and user-friendly. Above all, you want to keep the momentum going. You want to stay busy and productive well into the future. It’s possible with the right business strategy that includes a powerful, effective website.

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The Packerland Websites team knows time is money. We have people and processes in place to develop websites without overtaxing your staff. Busy organizations don’t look for ways to add more to their plate or stress to their workday. Wouldn’t it be nice to have our team take the lead in developing a new website that’s right for you? Contact us to get started.