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Redirects Plugin Created by Packerland Websites

301 Redirect appAs an experienced website builder, I get excited about techie stuff that others might find boring. One thing I am really excited about is the Simple Access Redirects Plugin created by Packerland Website’s designer Mike McGraw. What makes it exciting? The plugin shows that Packerland Websites has the people and technology to build programs that the general public is now using. That’s quite a feather in our cap.

What is a Redirects Plugin?

Let me try to explain in a way that’s not too techie. Essentially, the Redirects Plugin is software on a website that sends visitors and online search bots to a different page than the original page. Perhaps the website is being rebuilt, and the original page was part of the old website. Instead of hitting a dead-end error message, visitors and Google bots automatically transition to the new page. Certainly, you want to avoid sending people to an error page and risk losing their attention. Additionally, you want to achieve the best position on search engine pages, like Google. Google is not impressed with dead-end pages and broken links.

What does this plugin mean to our clients?

The Redirects Plugin is a tool that Mike developed to capture the folders on an existing or previously operating website and redirect them to correct pages intended for the visitor. Not surprisingly, there’s a lot happening in the background of a website that no one sees. However, our developers see it, and more importantly, they understand it. The Redirects Plugin finds the pages that need to be transferred and moves them quickly and efficiently. A task that would’ve taken a long time (and is often ignored by many) is completed in minutes. This leaves more time for our designers to focus on what’s important – developing a website that meet your goals.

What additional features does the plugin have?

The Simple Access Redirects Plugin does more than just handle 301, 302, 400, and 500 redirects. It also adds expired headers to the site which tell the browsers how long to save the files in the cache. Additionally, the plugin scans each page of a site and finds anchor tags thus creating a list of pages that search engines will look over. Mike frequently updates this plugin, making it more feature rich and user friendly. It’s a work in progress, so users who find a bug should contact us so we can fix the issue.

What are your website goals?

Essentially, Packerland Websites builds websites around a marketing plan and the unique strategy you set forth. Before our team begins a website, we ask a lot of questions. Above all, we want to learn about your goals and vision for the site. As a result, our team can create a new website that achieves these goals. We invite you to view our portfolio. Our designers are efficient and experienced developers who know what they’re doing. Plus, they expend less time and labor with the new Redirects Plugin. Ultimately, this translates to more competitive pricing for website design.

For more information about the Redirects Plugin we developed or websites built around a marketing plan, contact us at Packerland Websites, Green Bay.