Re-Zoom Your Brand

Brand your company with ZoomAs the COVID-19 pandemic shifts work online, Zoom and other video conferencing platforms are becoming the new office. Social Distancing and Safer at Home policies are changing our work practices. Video conferences and online chats have become the go-to communication choice.

Communicating at a distance

Packerland Websites recently adopted Zoom as its communications platform to connect with co-workers and clients. Zoom is one of the few companies on the stock market that is increasing in value. Shares nearly doubled since the beginning of the year. That gives you an idea of how popular it’s become.

A great way to use Zoom is to build it into your website versus an email invite. As a result, Zoom becomes more than just a way to communicate. Additionally, you’re branding your business. Today, customers are less likely to visit you in person and more likely to participate in an online conference. What is the best way to retain brand identity and client experience at a virtual meeting?

Reinforce your brand

Here’s what we did at Packerland Websites. In the footer of our website, we created buttons for Zoom Conference Rooms 1, 2, and 3. The conference rooms are interior pages of our website with simple instructions explaining how to connect with us. Clients meet with us virtually via the Zoom app or their browser.

We reinforce our brand by bringing customers to our website for a virtual visit. Clients are ushered into a conference room, similar to how they would enter a conference room at our office. Clients feel like they’re visiting our company and, in the process, become more familiar with our brand. Integrating Zoom into our website allows us to connect with clients and co-workers. Additionally, we’re reinforcing Packerland Websites’ brand presence by drawing clients into our world – through our website.

Strengthen your online presence

The COVID-19 pandemic has created obstacles and opportunities for businesses. Considering today’s Social Distancing and Safer at Home policies, now is the time to strengthen your online presence.

Interested in integrating an online communications platform into your website? One that reinforces your brand? We can help. Contact us for details.