Why Social Distancing is Bad – Seriously

My husband, Bill, the owner of Packerland Websites, never liked the term Social Distancing. He thinks it should be called physical distancing instead. As an outgoing extrovert, he doesn’t like the thought of being distant from anyone. Here’s his suggestion: Change social distancing to socializing at a distance.

Worried about the Coronavirus?

Life is far from normal, and everyone is affected by the Coronavirus in some way. Additionally, we are dealing with a lot of uncertainty. Not only are we worried about catching COVID-19, we’re also concerned about job loss, personal finances, the economy, the future… That’s a lot to handle alone, but it’s easier to deal with these worries when family and friends support you.

social distance during COVID-19 andCoronavirusStay Social

Bill’s advice is to stay social. Connect with family and friends with a phone call, text, Facebook Messenger or Portal, Snapchat, online games, etc. In your social circle, include grandparents, neighbors, and others who might need a friend. By sharing a conversation and a laugh, you reduce the risk of isolation, boredom, and loneliness.

Working Remotely, Yet Still Connected

We’re following the rules and physically distancing ourselves from others. For example, members of the Packerland Websites’ team are working from home. While we’re physically distant we’re also making an effort to stay connected. Currently, Bill is in an online video conference with Packerland Websites’ employees.

Social Distance as a Family

Our son, Will, is an epidemiologist (How many parents can say that?) and is part of the City of Philadelphia’s response to the Coronavirus. He says it’s an exciting but stressful time to work in public health. He answers a lot of questions from the public and has been our expert on COVID-19.  Will joined our family’s video chat on Friday night and suggested we chat more often. We all liked the idea.

Stay Connected

In many ways we can work and socialize at a physical distance yet stay connected. Maintaining social relationships contributes to a positive attitude during these challenging times. So, make someone’s day by sending a letter or sharing a story, photo, joke, or words of encouragement. Be social!