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Packerland Websites Introduces Support Ticket

support ticketWebsites built by the pros at Packerland Websites effectively market your business 24/7. Long after you’ve closed your doors for the day, your website is still working for you. To keep your website up and running (thus making you money), Packerland Websites introduced a new Support Ticket system. Occasionally, a website will have issues that need to be fixed. You might see something on your website that just doesn’t look right, or perhaps you want to add something out of the ordinary to your website.

Team of website developers ready with support

Updating a website regularly with fresh content keeps it up-to-date and interesting for return users. Additionally, new content, posts, and pages improve a website’s ranking on search engine pages like Google. With the content management system we use, you can easily update your website yourself. However, some techniques might be beyond your comfort zone. That’s where our team of three full-time website developers steps in to help. You can count on the Packerland Websites team for updates and trouble shooting. The Support Ticket system we developed streamlines the process.

How to Submit a Support Ticket

Submitting a Support Ticket requires a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the Packerland Websites’ Contact Us Page and click the New Ticket button.
  2. Fill in the blanks on the Support Ticket form.
  3. Be detailed in your request. Include the page URL and a detailed description of what you need.
  4. Click the submit button.
  5. Watch for a confirmation email reporting that your Support Ticket is being processed
  6. Once our team resolves your issues, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

Security, functionality, performance is important to us

Finally, if you need support for website components you purchased, such as domain names, web hosting, SSL certificates, email accounts, or other component products, please sign into your account and contact support directly. Support is available 24/7. The ongoing security, functionality, and performance of your website are important to us. Let us know how we can update or change your website to maintain its optimal performance. The Support Ticket system makes it easy.