How to Conduct Virtual Nonprofit Fundraisers

live stream of nonprofit fundraisers

Despite the obstacles nonprofit organizations face today, these institutions are still improving the lives of others. However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, securing funds to continue their mission is a bigger challenge than ever. In so many instances, COVID-19 changed the approach to nonprofit fundraisers. To comply with Coronavirus precautions, some nonprofits created virtual events, like those for runners, bikers, and walkers. Additionally, organizations are holding drop-off food drives, virtual artistic and musical events, and fundraising campaigns of all sorts. Certainly, we believe the power of giving is flourishing, even during a pandemic. So, how can you take advantage of this generosity? What is the best route for your nonprofit fundraisers?

Hosting Virtual Nonprofit Fundraisers

In this article, we share ideas regarding live-streamed virtual fundraising events that result in successful nonprofit fundraisers. In related articles, we list 12 virtual fundraising services that make money and a COVID-19 Guide to Virtual Nonprofit Fundraisers. Packerland Websites and Writer to the Rescue are eager to collaborate!

Hosting a live-streamed virtual fundraising event on Facebook, Zoom, or another streaming platform allows you to interact with your target audience in real time. Live-streamed events bring a personal touch to fundraising that’s not available in other types of donation campaigns. Additionally, cyber-fundraising is cost-effective and accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. You generate excitement for your nonprofit without worrying about the risk of group gatherings or the need for social distancing

With a live-streamed fundraiser, you have a golden opportunity to showcase the good work you do. Show and tell your story through video, featuring speakers in a setting related to organization. Keep it fun. Keep it simple, and transition smoothly from one topic to another.

Sharing Essential Elements with Livestream Audience

  • Who are you? Tell about your organization’s history, membership, how to become a member
  • What do you do? Mission, recent activity, major projects
  • When does the fundraiser begin and end? When will you use the funding?
  • Where does your organization make an impact? Your home base and the region you cover
  • Why raise money? How will people make a difference by donating?
  • How do people donate? This is your call to action – invite people to donate securely online through your website or a crowd funding service. Tell about any matching funds or incentives for donors, like prize drawings, swag, or freebies.

Adding a Personal Touch to Fundraising

A live-streamed virtual fundraising event on Facebook or Zoom brings a personal touch to fundraising. Cyber-fundraisers cost less to plan and host than in-person events. These events not only promote your charitable work, they also affirm how donors are making an impact by giving. For assistance with setting goals, writing outlines and scripts, and creating announcements and marketing strategies, contact Bill at or Joan (AKA, the Wonder Writer) at For more tips about virtual nonprofit fundraisers, visit “How to Plan and Host a Virtual Fundraiser.”