The Power of Learning: PW Team is Back to School

Back to school for team. Learning

“Hire someone smarter than I am.” That’s what I tell myself when I recruit employees, and I’m pleased to say that the Packerland Websites team is getting smarter every week. As part of our corporate culture, Packerland Websites provides ongoing company time and tuition reimbursement for continuous learning. Fostering a learning environment on the job helps to motivate and grow employees, while at the same time, improves quality and performance for clients.

Benefits of Learning

Above all, continuing education gives our staff the opportunity to study something worthwhile, add to their knowledge base, and do their best work. Not only are team members learning something new, they also share what they learn with one another, magnifying the impact of a single class. The investment is well worth it, and our customers reap the benefits.

Q&A with the Packerland Websites Team

Check out this Back-to-School Q&A to find out what these tech geeks are learning and the effect it has on website design and customer relations. Let’s turn it over to Packerland Websites developers Tom, Noah, and Miranda. (Click here to read about what Mike is learning.)

Tom Norman
Tom Norman
Noah Roberts
Noah Roberts
Miranda Schlise-Gomez
Miranda Schlise-Gomez
Q: What have you studied recently?

Tom: In the past year I returned to Northeast Wisconsin Technical College to continue to improve my skills, namely Database Management and PHP coding. (Hypertext Preprocessor, abbreviated PHP, is the programming language that gives structure and style to a web page.)
Noah: I’ve been working on my JavaScript skills. (JavaScript is a programming language that helps engage a user with interactive elements.)
Miranda: I’ve been getting into the Google family – Google ads, Google analytics, and G Suite.

Q: What is your resource for your studies?

Tom: I’m using Udemy, which is an online educational resource.
Noah: I use the online courses available at edX and also have been reviewing the textbook I read in college.
Miranda: I’m mainly learning via Google, working hands-on with Google ads, Google reps, and Google Skillshop (This is where I earn my Google ads certification).

Q: Why do you want to learn about this topic?

Tom: PHP is the backbone to WordPress, and being able to better understand its functionality will allow me to continue to build quality websites.
Noah: I really would like to add more interactive behavior to our websites to create more visually appealing, custom web pages.
Miranda: I’m learning about Google ad certification for a few reasons. The main reason is to give clients confidence. They know we are doing our best to make sure their ads perform at the top. Another reason is to offer professional digital marketing strategies to more of our clients. We do it right and take this marketing piece off their plates. Finally, for a personal reason, this is something I really want on my resume.

Q: What has been the most valuable part of ongoing education?

Tom: Keeping my brain sharp and keeping current in coding languages.
Noah: Just keeping my brain moving. It’s easy to become stagnant and dig yourself into a rut. Learning new things and refreshing my knowledge keeps my designing and development new and fresh each time.
Miranda: The most valuable part has been the confidence I’ve gained from having new skills. When I was younger, I did not put much value on education. Now I realize how much it affects a person’s overall self-worth.

Q: What surprised you about continuing education?

Tom: How easy it was to jump back into the classroom without feeling awkward about learning next to people half my age.
Noah: How much I enjoy it! It’s not boring, but very valuable.
Miranda: That I would enjoy it!

Q: What is your dream topic to learn about?

Tom: I’m open to all topics. I don’t necessarily have one that I have to learn about.
Noah: Shockingly enough – photography. I took a couple photography classes at NWTC, and I’m only a couple courses short of a Technical Certificate in Photography. It would go hand-in-hand with creating high resolution images for our websites.
Miranda: For websites, I would love to get into more of the front-end design side. In general, I’d love to study psychology. It would be interesting to see how to incorporate psychology into website development and design.

Instilling a Lifelong Love of Learning

Technology is every changing, and the Packerland Websites team is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest and greatest coming down the pike. For all students and staff heading back to school, enjoy your first day – and study hard all year! The Packerland Websites team hopes you develop a lifelong love of learning.