Cyberattack Targets Server Bank

Police talking on cellphone about cyberattack

Halloween 2021 generated a trick – instead of a treat – for the Packerland Websites team and some of our clients. A cyberattack, originating in Chile, was committed Halloween weekend against a server bank in Chicago. Server banks require complex maintenance, security and IT service. Thus, Packerland Websites utilizes third-party server banks. The cyberattack on Oct. 30 affected some of our most complicated websites.

What a nasty trick

We know our clients rely on their websites functioning 24/7. Disruptions aren’t just inconvenient; they oftentimes affect the organization. Sadly, in today’s world where cyberattacks exist, servers go down and take time to reconnect.

Cyberattack Resolution

The server company and outside experts worked on the weekend to fully restore services. By Sunday morning, the threat was blocked and contained. All of Packerland Websites’ client sites were up and running again. On Sunday and Monday, the Packerland Websites team used its backup records to update the affected websites to the most recent version. (Thanks, team) For clients with Halloween-themed events, like Porters Patch or complex calendar booking systems, like Palette and Pub, up-to-date and functional websites are a must. Thankfully, the cyberattack was resolved promptly.

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Besides being Halloween, October 31 is the last day of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Nothing makes a nonprofit or business more aware of cybersecurity than when their website goes down because of a malicious attack.

Maintaining Secure Websites

The Packerland Websites Team has multiple security measures in place, yet as we saw this weekend, servers can be targeted. We rely on skillful and knowledgeable outside server providers that are the best in the industry. The Packerland Websites Team is committed to maintaining secure sites.

Packerland Websites maintains secure websites by:

  • Hosting websites on secure, HTTPS platforms
  • Backing up the websites on databases with 30-day retention.
  • Performing daily security scans

Preventing Scary Cyberattacks

We hope that everyone enjoyed Halloween weekend. As for our clients, please know that the Packerland Websites team works hard every day to protect your website against scary cyberattacks. Thanks for trusting us with the security and integrity of your website. Contact us to learn more about the cybersecurity features we provide.

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