Website Makeover: Stunning Before & After Images

Packerland Websites launched three new websites this spring, and the striking before-and-after images showcase the stunning improvements at a glance. However, the website makeover is more than superficial. The entire experience for visitors and website owners has improved dramatically. Here are the major ways the websites have been enhanced:

  • Bold and colorful images fill the Home page with vibrancy and create an inviting landing page for visitors. This contributes to lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates.
  • Mobile responsiveness conveniently resizes the websites for viewing on cellphones and tablets
  • Straightforward navigational menus make it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for
  • A content management system makes the websites less cumbersome to update for administrators
  • Website administrators have access to a training video, printed booklet, online tutorial, and phone and in-person support from the experts at Packerland Websites

City of Oconto Falls:

The City of Oconto Falls website has the added benefit of compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, making city information available to visitors with special needs. The overall look and feel of the website makes the city more attractive to residents and visitors alike. Taxpayers will be happy to know that the website didn’t cost the city a fortune.

Manna for Life:

The Manna for Life website has the added benefit of a phone icon with one-touch-tap so visitors can readily dial Manna for Life or find its location. The website’s mobile responsiveness specifically targets the demographic of the Manna for Life audience. Visitors predominantly use mobile devises, not desktop computers. Besides the warmer and more inviting overall look to the website, the design brings attention to the organization’s focus: Meals, Jobs and a Thrift Store. Once again, the website didn’t cost a fortune, because the price was discounted 50% for the nonprofit organization. It’s Packerland Websites’ way to give back to the community.

Boulder Lodge:

The Boulder Lodge website has the added benefit of one-touch location finder, which is important for a resort. Campers driving to the resort for the first time will have an easy way to find their vacation get-away. The one-touch phone number makes it handy for people to call for reservations.

The old website was designed to tell visitors about the lodge, but the new website makes these visitors want to go there.

An additional feature is a photo gallery which labels and shows an image of each of the camping and RV sites. Campers can view a site before they book it. The website has the potential for real-time, online booking, if the client chooses to implement this feature.

This website didn’t cost a fortune, either, because Packerland Websites believes that municipalities, nonprofit organizations, and businesses and all need effective websites, built within their price range.

View images of the Website Makeover

We encourage you to view the slideshow to see for yourself how the Home pages of these three websites have been enhanced. If you dig a little deeper and visit these three websites, you’ll find other enhancements described above.


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