Website Tutorial Video

Website Tutorial Video – Easily Manage Your Website

Businesses and nonprofits are in a constant state of flux. They add services, introduce new products, change personnel, and open new locations. Having a website that accurately reflects today’s business, not yesterday’s, is easier than ever. This week, Packerland Websites introduced a step-by-step WordPress Website Tutorial video. The video explains 30 of the most common changes that website administrators make.

Master WordPress Techniques

Even if you’re not techy, this video empowers you to master techniques to create the look you want for your website. Tom Norman, Packerland Websites’ developer, created the WordPress Website Tutorial as a guide for anyone learning the ropes or needing a refresher. The WordPress Website Tutorial is published on YouTube and is embedded on the Packerland Websites tutorial page on our website.

Evaluate Visitor Behavior

The tutorial begins with a look at the Dashboard screen of a sample website. You “drive” the website from the Dashboard, where you access Posts, Media, Pages, and the Envira Gallery (for groups of images). The Dashboard also shows website analytics. This data explains visitor behavior and provides insights into improving the user experience.

Manage Website Content

The remainder of the video explains how to manage website content:

  • Add content
  • Format (font, color, size, etc.)
  • Move
  • Preview
  • Schedule for publishing
  • Publish

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Add & Edit Pages

The video also explains how to add and edit these features on pages and posts:

  • Images & media
  • Photo galleries
  • Columns
  • Links
  • Text, including headings
  • Categories
  • Lists
  • Tags

Jump to Topics of Interest

When you want to focus on a specific topic, the clickable chapter links get you there quickly. Save time with these three steps:

  1. Click on the words SHOW MORE under the video comments to view the clickable links.
  2. Click on the time stamp of the topic that interests you.
  3. Automatically jump to that topic in the video.

Choose the Website Tutorial Video or…

The WordPress Website Tutorial is just one of several tutorials that our team developed. Our video tutorial complements our printed tutorial available at our office and our digital tutorial
published on our website.

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Additionally, Packerland Websites reinforces these tutorials with one-on-one training. We empower clients to tweak their websites to their liking. The WordPress Website Tutorial is the latest example of the support we offer clients. With this guide, we empower you to manage the most effective, attractive, and up-to-date website possible. Contact us for more information.