SEO Strategies That Work

SEO Search Engine Optimization StrategiesHave you thought about your website lately? Too many people build a website and forget about it. As a result, they’re not achieving their top marketing goals. Consider this: A well-developed website is the only marketing tool working 24/7. Additionally, a website is often the first impression for potential customers. Therefore, it’s smart to make your website work more effectively.

If you’re a Packerland Websites client, you already have a great website. Your website is attractive, mobile responsive, and secure. Now it’s time to put your website to work. How can you help your website rank higher organically in searches? The answer is SEO, Search Engine Optimization. SEO strategies make some business owners’ eyes glaze over, so we’ll get to the point.

Value of Search Engine OptimizationSEO strategies

  • Rank higher on Google searches
  • Get found online easier
  • Attract more visitors to your website
  • Convert more leads

On-site SEO Strategies

Essentially, SEO makes your website perform better. Consider the two types of SEO: on-site and off-site. If Packerland Websites built your website, the onsite SEO is already in great shape. We build websites with SEO-focused content, navigation, and design elements. Next, we add site maps and META tags to describe the website to search engines. In contrast to on-site SEO strategies, off-site SEO strategies affect how the Internet views the “health” of your website.

Off-site SEO Strategies

Off-site SEO is affected by:

  • Consistent, accurate listings of your business across the Internet
  • Incoming links from directory listings to your business
  • Directory listings that are owner-verified
  • Photos, keywords, and descriptions included in directory listings
  • Increasing and monitoring reviews in directory listings, including Facebook and Google
  • Google Maps, YouTube videos, and expanded content writing

Internet Health Check-up

So, how well is your website working for you? How healthy is your Internet presence? Check out our free online business scanner to see how your business appears on over 50 primary directories on the Internet. Then, take the next step and call Bill at 920-826-5601 for a free SEO consultation. Above all, Packerland Websites is an SEO specialist you can trust. We’ll help you develop the successful SEO strategies you need to rank higher in Google searches and get found online.