Let Your Banner Shine

Social media can either get someone excited, remind them that they need to do it for their business or make their eyes glaze over as they zone out. My eyes tend to glaze with excitement since I can see the power of exposure through it.

I will be writing a number of articles about how and why it works. So check back often.

This blog is about Facebook banners. In an earlier post we described the size requirements with a very handy image showing how to create one. A good looking banner needs to capture the visitors attention and draw in their interest. Plus it may be the first impression you make upon someone. So, don’t just throw any image up there.

Think about the Facebook message you want to send in the image and it will get you started. You actually have a decent amount of room to work with and can add multiple pictures and text to the banner. Keep in mind, you cannot have a call to action in the banner image like; click here, like us, call or purchase. You can create a great banner that will make people want to though.

Here are a few examples for inspiration:




So, you now have the tools for the right banner size and examples on how to be a bit more creative in making one.

See what you can do to take your Facebook banner to the next level.