Facebook Banner, Profile and Tab Image Sizes Explained

How large is a Facebook banner image? This should give you a good idea.

Facebook Banner and image sizes
Facebook Banner and image sizes

I have been creating more Facebook banners and images for clients as my own business continues to grow.

One thing I learned is whenever I do something new is to make myself a tutorial. It is written in a format as if I am explaining it to someone else. When I need to use it later, I start out running rather than racking my brains trying to remember what I did before.

Some tutorials are simply graphics like the one above. At a glance it tells you the sizes you need to know.

I have a giver’s gain philosophy. When I give and show off a few tidbits I use in my website business, I hope others will benefit and perhaps keep me in my mind or refer me to someone that I can help.

The image above pretty much speaks for itself. So, this post is more about why I do it. As Facebook continues to evolve, our use of it will also. If this was helpful to you, give a little and pass it along to another.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Banner, Profile and Tab Image Sizes Explained

  1. I have these dimensions written down Bill because when I go to change my covers I can never remember what the sizes are. I’m started changing them once a month now. I think it keeps things fresh and fun.

    Thanks for this template, very helpful and I’m going to have to bookmark this page. This will come in handy really.

    Enjoy your week.


  2. I have over 100 tutorials of html scripts and other information jotted down as a tutorial to help me out. After having to recheck a few times I figure, “It is best to just make another one.”

    On Facebook banners, many people forget how their profile image covers part of the banner. When I build a website now, I usually include a Facebook banner image as part of my service to help it tie into the website.

    Have a great 4th of July,

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