Facebook Banner, Profile and Tab Image Sizes Explained

How large is a Facebook banner image? This should give you a good idea.

Facebook Banner and image sizes
Facebook Banner and image sizes

I have been creating more Facebook banners and images for clients as my own business continues to grow.

One thing I learned is whenever I do something new is to make myself a tutorial. It is written in a format as if I am explaining it to someone else. When I need to use it later, I start out running rather than racking my brains trying to remember what I did before.

Some tutorials are simply graphics like the one above. At a glance it tells you the sizes you need to know.

I have a giver’s gain philosophy. When I give and show off a few tidbits I use in my website business, I hope others will benefit and perhaps keep me in my mind or refer me to someone that I can help.

The image above pretty much speaks for itself. So, this post is more about why I do it. As Facebook continues to evolve, our use of it will also. If this was helpful to you, give a little and pass it along to another.