Do you see anyone missing?

A couple weeks ago we enjoyed some humor at a get together when someone asked, “Do you see anyone missing?” Obviously, that is a bit difficult if taken a bit literal. But, this is what is happening on Facebook.

With Facebook going public and having pressures to increase profits, posts like this one are not put on everyone’s wall. (–Gasp-) Yep, it’s true. So, if you liked a page and think that you will always get their updates, you probably are not over half the time.

The two options are to have the page owner promote (a nice way to say ‘Pay For’) their post or have you revisit the like button and make sure the box is checked to get the feed as seen in the photo.

Of course, those who do not get this post will not know this, so please consider passing it along. It is not only my page, but all fan pages you want to follow.