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There are as many website designs as you can imagine. Many contain similar elements.

When designing a site, a person must keep in mind, “What is the goal and what needs to be accomplished?”

Do you want a quick, easy and affordable page to ensure some type of web exposure? An info site normally made up of 1 or 2 pages acts as a colored flyer. It allows people to find you on the web. Even more important, it gives them a way to get in contact with you.

Do you have a product you want to sell like real estate or basic services? Then you may want a mini site, which is a little larger than, the info site but maybe has a page for photos and or maps.

Are you looking for a basic business site that is clean, professional and attracts customers to you without breaking the bank? We can design a website from nearly twenty web site templates that we have recently worked with and designed.

Are you looking for a custom site that matches your company colors and other marketing tools? For not much more cost, you can have a basic site that meets your need similar to the basic site, but one that is a custom design.

Finally, we can pretty much create whatever size and type of site you want. The sites listed are the most common sites that many small businesses are looking for while trying to stay within a tight budget. We would be happy to work directly with you in determining what would be the best solution for you

From here the possibilities go on. There is virtually no limit to the size of website that you can build.

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