Spam Season is Here

spamSummer is wrapping up and spammers are at it with messages like:

I’m experiencing issues loading your site on my mobile device. This is a fairly common issue, especially since this April, when Google started heavily rewarding sites with a speedy mobile user experience, and punishing those with bulky, lagging designs that aren’t suited to small, vertical screens. With over 50 percent of people browsing the internet with their phones, that’s a fair share of the market to consider.

My team has over ten years of experience developing elastic designs that can be viewed on any device. We’re also Google Partners and have received accolades from Inc. Magazine and the LA Business Journal. We would be happy to jump on a call with you to review these problems and more to help your brand get the best online visibility possible. What day this week works best for a call?
Your website is not being seen by major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Your domain name expires now.

I am death and hearing impaired and……

Things to look for:
• Did they list a website of theirs?
•Did they give a phone number in which a real person answers (if you want to risk calling it?)
•Is the return email addresses Gmail or other generic mail service.
•Are there misspellings.
•Does it just smell wrong?

If in doubt, check with your web developer. There is a good chance they are starting to put together a form note since it is now happening so much. Some like me may be tired of it and actually make a blog post.

These are scammers and spammers, so be careful.