Packerland Websites Hits 400-Website Milestone

400 website milestone

Packerland Websites hit a new milestone in October– 400 website clients! Bill Koehne and his team appreciate working with each and every one of these fantastic business partners.

Every Website is Built with Purpose

Just as no two clients are alike, no two websites are the same. Our team consults with individual clients to understand their vision and goals. As a result, we develop a website as a marketing tool to achieve these goals. Our team of four website developers make website building easy.  Our content writer takes the worry out of writing website pages to engage and inform your target audience.

Every Client Has an Effective Marketing Tool

Packerland’s websites are secure, user-friendly, and mobile responsive. Above all, they are effective – they work 24/7 for our 400 website clients. Partner with Packerland Websites for:

marketing plan
  • Hosting at an affordable price
  • SSL certificates with HTTTPS security
  • Regularly scheduled backups
  • Updates to themes and plugins
  • Minor code edits
  • Regular review for connectivity
  • 90 minutes of content management’
  • Free tutorials; users update their websites

Every Business Needs a Website

Every business needs a website, but many business owners are afraid they’ll waste money on a website that doesn’t drive sales. Packerland Websites creates websites that convert leads into sales, so businesses prosper. Packerland Websites, Green Bay, surpassed the 400-website milestone and is shooting for 400 more. Contact Bill Koehne today, 920-826-5901, and start crushing your marketing goals with a website that works for you.