Kickstart your Marketing with a Business Quiz

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People love taking quizzes. We want to know how we score on all sorts of topics, like How strong is your marriage? What new car is right for you? Do you have enough saved for retirement? A quiz narrows our focus and shows us if we rank high (Yes! We’re doing great), low (Yikes! Time for a change!) or in between (Whew! Dodged that bullet). Every quiz ends with interpretation and insight from an expert.

Here’s a Marketing Strategy Customized to You

A quiz is a fun way to draw attention to your business. Because of the popularity of quizzes, Packerland Websites is now creating quizzes customized to our clients’ industry and strengths. As a strategic marketing tool, we develop original, attention-grabbing, 10-question quizzes specifically for your business. Additionally, we upload the quiz to your website. As an example, we have a quiz for you to test run.

Take the Packerland Websites’ quiz: How Well Does Your Website Score with Clients?

Learn whether your website achieves your marketing goals.

Here’s What a Business Quiz Does for You

A business quiz has many advantages. A quiz:

  • Brings new users to your website
  • Emphasizes your selling points
  • Requires simple, one-click answers
  • Tabulates scores automatically
  • Refers low scorers to your contact page
  • Provides engaging content to share on social media

Here’s a Sample Business Quiz

This quiz for a Green Bay bookkeeper reached over 1,000 people and generated nearly 50 link clicks in four days when shared on Facebook. A quiz like this can be used multiple times during the year and amplified in various ways.

Here’s How to Promote a Quiz to Your Target Market

A business quiz is a multi-faceted marketing tool. To get the best results:

  • Share the business quiz on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Pass out the quiz at networking events and conferences
  • Add a quiz link to your email signature
  • Incorporate the quiz into brochures, marketing materials, and business cards
Get started with a business quiz

Here’s the Quiz Development Process

Businesses are always on the lookout for innovative marketing strategies that get results. Partnering with Packerland Websites to develop a business quiz is worth the investment.

The Packerland Websites’ team will:

  • Gather information about your industry, target audience & selling points
  • Write 10 questions that highlight your strengths
  • Assign and tabulate scores
  • Use the results to create a Call to Action message with a link to your Contact page
  • Upload the quiz to your WordPress website and provide you with the link

Here’s How to Order Your Customized Quiz

Ready to try a new marketing strategy? Order your business quiz today. Contact Bill Koehne at Packerland Websites, 920-826-5901 or