How Does Google Value Links

When you create links, the volume does not necessarily translate to the popularity of your site. You may be able to build links but what does Google thinks of that? Google will not increase the value of your site because of the links that you have included.

In order to win at link building, think like Google. This Internet giant has been implementing a strategy that works best for them. Google is aware that website owners and content developers have been buying links and manipulating them in order to get ahead. Since they know what’s going on under the table, they only put value on the links which are very hard to get. In fact much less value is placed on links that are sourced from link farms, directories, and related resources.

What website owners can do is endeavor to build links gradually and naturally. Diversity & velocity matter the most. Rather than employing numerous links at a very short time, create links from different sites. Google actively determines where the links are coming from. The search engine also analyzes the rate of acquisition of these links.

Let me tell you what I think about which type of SEO links really work. Take for instance social blogging networks, there are so many of these platforms around. What they do perfectly well is to build human networks and facilitate an expansion of one’s friendship circle. There may be a high number of shares, but this does not improve site optimization. Similarly, the site cannot be considered high quality. An impressive social network and hundreds of shares prove that somebody has lots of friends. However, this is not beneficial to SEO.

Google is implementing a multi-angle strategy. I believe that Google modifies the algorithm signal depending upon the niche. Blogging and money making niches are two of the most spam-ridden, and the competition is intense as well. Google probably employs an algorithm with a different signal for these sites.

The following are recommendations that you might want to consider in creating and building your site links: > Natural backlinks must be earned. It requires hard work but the benefits are immense. > Google gives higher value to high quality backlinks. Make sure to get only good ones because Google is very particular about these things. > Focus on who shares your content in social networking platforms rather than the volume of shares. > Google tends to favor well-known brands. This is a huge disadvantage for small online businesses. Your business should decide whether it wants to buy Adwords to get into Google’s good graces.

Google has redefined its definition of quality content. These days, it is not enough to post a long and unique article filled with relevant keywords. The article has to be useful. It has to illustrate example and provide video clips and infographics that entice people to share the article more.

Website owners have been given more daunting tasks in order to remain relevant in the game. The challenge from Google is to think more deeply and more intensely about content and how to diversify it. If you want to stand out, consider the recommendations that we have presented above.


Resource for this article was Lisa at 2 Create a Website