10 Ways We Crush Our ‘Free Website’ Competition

free website doesn't compare to Packerland WebsitesEarlier this month I received a call from a golf course getting ready to open for the season. The problem? The company’s free website displayed a message saying “No Tee Times Available.” Anyone who visited the website would be turned away, perhaps choosing to take their golf game elsewhere.

“How do we change the page?” the caller asked. I advised him to sign into his website to make the update. He didn’t know how to access the website or tweak the page.

“Can you help me?” he asked.

This was a tricky question.

A while back, someone at the golf course decided to go with a free website instead of the customized version we created. I helped him locate his sign-in page, told him how to sign in, and gave him some additional advice. I’m a nice guy, and I don’t want to see people suffer. I told him who to contact for further assistance, and the poor guy said, “They don’t return my calls!”

Like this client learned the hard way, there are pitfalls associated with a free website provider. These 10 benefits of hiring Packerland Websites should make you think twice.

  1. Routine Maintenance. Our base price includes minor maintenance, including updates to software and plugins. We also provide daily back-ups and weekly monitoring for updates. This routine maintenance keeps websites functioning properly and offers protection against hackers.
  2. Major Maintenance. Our base price includes 90 minutes of website “stuff,” like adding a slideshow, editing an existing page, or making other techie changes the client requests. We’re happy to partner with you to improve your online presence.
  3. Customer service. We answer the phone and respond to emails. We can trouble-shoot, pinpoint your issue, offer advice, and fix the problem. Our reliable staff has the knowledge and availability you can count on when you need help.
  4. Created with purpose. We ask about your business objectives and develop the website to address these goals. How concerned is a free website provider about your vision and mission?
  5. Marketing professional. My college education and the experience I gained owning and running a business give me an insider’s perspective to online marketing and business management. I’m eager to share my ideas and take your business to the next level.
  6. Customized URL. Companies can create WordPress websites easily enough for free, but URLs that end in WordPress.com or other telltale domains inform visitors you haven’t invested real time or money in your company’s website. Will that make them question your competence and long-term viability?
  7. Professional Quality. A free website might look OK, but a professional-looking website shows you take pride in your product or service. You cared enough to invest in your online presence.
  8. First Impression. In just fractions of a second, visitors will decide if they like your website and determine if they’ll stay or leave. A graphically appealing website will make a positive first impression. Packerland Websites’ graphic designers know how to incorporate the best design elements.
  9. SEO Secrets. Packerland Websites enhances your ranking on search engines results pages with behind-the-scenes techie language, site maps, and other optimization techniques.
  10. Local. We meet with clients in person at our Abrams and Green Bay offices. For clients outside Northeast Wisconsin, we can arrange a screen share and meet remotely.

Are you willing to settle for something just good enough? The old adage “Good enough is not good enough” rings true for websites. Don’t settle for a free website when Packerland Websites offers effective, custom-built websites at affordable prices. Contact us today to get started.