I am testing out a WordPress plug-in called Google XML Sitemaps.

I am testing out a WordPress plug-in called Google XML Sitemaps that will cover both the blog and my website.

The reason for choosing this plug-in over others is that it was easy to add them main sites web pages as well as the blog itself. There are some great sitemap tools out there.

My favorite is the one built into my website building software. This is because it allows you to select which pages you want in your sitemap and those you don’t. It even goes a step further where you can add to the page robot text to stop the spiders from crawling.

When you have a blog as part of your website, some of the dynamics change. Each new post in the blog should have a description on the sitemap as well in order to increase your search engine optimization as well as make it easier to have your content found.

I will have a separate discussion on sitemaps themselves. For now, I want to get this post uploaded and test out the results as the sitemap being created, including the added website pages and determine where it puts it.

I’ll post back with the results