Do professional bios belong on websites?

dentists benefit from professional bios

My dentist is at the stage in life when he works less. He’s easing out of the dental practice, and he hired another dentist to pick up the slack. While waiting for my appointment recently, I overheard one of his patients. She said she wouldn’t see any other dentist. Consequently, she doesn’t know what she will do when our dentist retires completely.

Professional Bios Foster Customer Loyalty

That type of customer loyalty indicates meaningful one-to-one relationships between consumers and service providers. How can a website foster these relationships? One design element is a professional bio. Basically, a professional bio explains who you are, what you do, and who you help. A professional bio highlights career and academic achievements. (Personal interests are optional, depending on your objectives.) Professional bios build a service provider’s brand image. Essentially, they build upon what’s shared on the About page.

Professional Bios for Service Providers

Service providers who work one-on-one with clients can benefit from publishing professional bios on their websites. These types of service providers include:

professional bios
  • Dentists
  • Attorneys
  • Massage therapists
  • Real estate agents
  • Insurance agents
  • Hair stylists
  • Personal coaches

Even website developers have professional bios! All of these professions involve personal interaction. Successful connections lead to customer loyalty. Return customers are the backbone of any business. In contrast, new customers are essential to growth. A well-crafted bio resonates with existing customers and piques the interest of prospects. Three Steps to Writing a Catchy Bio

Professional Bios for Organizational Leaders

In addition to service providers, organizational leaders can benefit from professional bios. Leaders in a for-profit or nonprofit organization build audience trust with bios. One example is the Oconto Falls Chamber of Commerce. Chamber members and nonmembers get to know the directors. Links to the director’s social media profiles and company websites encourage communication.

Achieving Your Website Goals

As you can see, professional bios actually do belong on websites. Professional bios are especially advantageous for service providers working personally with clients and organizational leaders reaching out to members and nonmembers. Packerland Websites will help you decide if professional bios are right for your website. First and foremost, we will consider your goals as they pertain to branding your organization and personnel. Contact us for a consultation today.