What is black and white and red all over?

The correct answer is a sun burnt penguin or panda. But, I believe some are seeing red with Google’s new changes once again.  As usual the intentions are good, but some sites get caught in the cross fire.

I’m sure you have read enough about the type of changes going on if you are into SEO and the Internet. SO, I won’t bore you with more opinions. I just thought it was interesting how so many people were shocked about why their site was affected when it seemed a bit obvious.

Given all the forum information and shared secrets of how far non-black hat techniques can go without crossing the line, it was only a matter of time before Google would pull the reigns in again.

I understand the importance and goal to get organically ranked. Some go the distance claiming they make the rules we need to just figure them out. You need remember the rule makes also get to change the rules.

I worked and played in competitive sports where people use to squeeze as tight as they could get without quite crossing the line. But, is this how design and SEO are supposed to be? Competition and money makes for an interesting recipe.

I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before the next angle is figured out how to squeeze those last extra drops of juice out of an SEO strategy. You can be sure there will be another change coming behind that one also. Maybe they will call it the zebra update to go with their black and white theme.

The bottom line is to design well for speed and information keeping your visitors in mind. The real challenge is how you can best entertain, educate and engage your visitor. Maybe someday they will get it all figured out and it will really be about relevant content and results.

Until then Play good, play hard, play fair and don’t get burnt.