Multilingual WordPress Site

9434384_sThinking of a multilingual blog or WordPress site? The good news is there is an easy, stable way to create one.

After researching a number of options (which will hopefully save you some time now), I found one that was the best solution. I have worked with Google translator and a couple other options, but found this to be the best solution when working with a WordPress website. The price is reasonable, and the control is wonderful.

My initial purchase, installation and setup were all relatively smooth on the first website I tested it on. With a bit of patience, things were set up quite nicely. As always, you should be updated to the most current version of WordPress.

If you are looking for a plug-in that converts the language for you, this is not it. What this plug-in does is virtually creates complimentary pages for your pages and posts which you can then switch between. In other words, it makes the user responsible for providing an accurate translation for the visitors.

You can do SEO, Search Engine Optimization for each language separately. You can set SEO attributes for the homepage, internal pages and categories for each language. Translations appear in their unique URL and you can even put different languages in completely different domains. The plugin follows Google Webmaster’s specifications for multilingual sites to the letter, letting your sites rank high on local search results.

You can also edit your URL string, categories and menu items. I did not because my complete blog is not multilingual, just a few posts to test it out. For those clients looking for a bilingual or multilingual website, we are ready to go and happy to provide one for you.