Are You Missing Out on Easy Sales? The Benefits of E-commerce

workers in warehouse packaging for e-commerce shipment

By Miranda Schlise-Gomez, Web Developer, Packerland Websites

Gone are the days when people walked into a brick-and-mortar store looking for their favorite type of sneakers, fishing gear, or sporting goods. According to Fit Small Business statistics, 80% of U.S. consumers shopped online. Folks are shopping online for everything now. E-commerce, as it’s commonly called, is the buying and selling of goods and services online. If you have a business that sells anything, you should be selling online on your website. The marketing benefits of online sales are tremendous.

Utilizing e-commerce to its fullest potential

Now that you’ve got an online store, are you harnessing the power of e-commerce? It’s not enough to just be able to sell your products and services online, you want your e-commerce business to work for you. Utilizing e-commerce can mean many different things depending on what you’re looking for in your business. For instance, would you like to give your repeat customers something like a special gift for returning? Discount codes are a great way to do that! You can send out an email blast with a special discount code just to those customers. In turn, you’ll create lifetime customers.

Boost sales & marketing capabilities

The capabilities of your e-commerce store can be simple or complex, but either way, they can be tailored to fit your particular needs. Some the options include:

  • Product variations (size, color, custom engraving, etc.)
  • Sell on social media with Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more
  • POS system integrations with Square and other similar systems
  • Gift cards
  • Discount codes and automatic discounts
  • Shipping integration with UPS, USPS, and others
  • Automatic tax calculations
  • Inventory management and tracking
  • Email marketing
  • Integrations with Google Ads and Google analytics for advertising and tracking customer traffic

Just to mention a few.

Let us create e-commerce that works for you!

At Packerland Websites we want to help you take your business to the next level with an e-commerce solution that works for you. Take the next step into the future, and watch your sales soar!