6 Components of Website Hosting


Sometimes we get the question, “What do I get for my hosting fee?” Great question! First and foremost, you get us – a dedicated, reachable team with customer relationship management software for tech support. Second, you get secure, reliable hosting of your website. Hosting refers to a program sitting on a server. A server is a fancy computer with critical backups and multiple locations. The server spins up a response when someone types in a domain name. The domain name is pointed to the server that the website sits on (called A record).

Silver, Gold, Platinum Hosting Plans

Packerland Websites offers three hosting plans: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Silver Hosting Plan is the most basic, yet it is still covers the critical elements that keep a website operating smoothly and securely. The Gold and Platinum packages are designed for organizations requiring tighter security and frequent edits. For the Silver Hosting Plan, Packerland Websites offers the following services.

1. SSL Certificate

Purchase, install, and maintain an SSL certificate for increased security and better SEO. With an SSL certificate and HTTPS security, a padlock appears by the website URL. This padlock assures users that they’re interacting with a secure website they can trust. Read our article about SSL and HTTPS.

2. WordPress updates

Update your website when WordPress updates. Your website is built in WordPress, a platform that is user-friendly and easy to customize. WordPress routinely issues updates that sometimes conflict with a website’s content and functionality. Occasionally, themes and plugins require updating to match the latest update. Our team regularly scans for updates and handles issues that pop up. Read our article about why we trust WordPress as our platform.

3. Back-up to Dropbox

Back up your website regularly to Dropbox to ensure its continuity. If a website is compromised by a malicious attack or goes off-line for another reason, Packerland Websites has a back-up available. We know it’s important for a website to work for you 24/7/365.

4. Content Management

Provide 90 minutes of content management per year. (Gold and Platinum hosting plans have monthly management.) Our team can help add a photo gallery, change a few paragraphs of text, etc. Content management requests are completed within four business days, although many issues are resolved much sooner. Send a support ticket, and our team will respond.

5. Security Enhancements

Make miscellaneous code updates and security enhancements behind the scenes. Packerland Websites recently implemented these cybersecurity measures:

  • Required stronger passwords (foreign characters are not allowed)
  • Hid the login page, since hackers often target login pages
  • Reduced the number of wrong login attempts
  • Added script blocking code to protect names, which stops hackers from determining the users on a website

In addition to the security of Silver, Gold and Platinum hosting plans, we offer cybersecurity services à la carte. Our daily scanner and auto virus removal has been popular at $9/month, because it comes with a virus removal warranty.

6. Blogging Platform

Offer a content management system (CMS) for blogging and page edits/updates. Showcase your brand by easily maintaining your own the website. We give you the tools and training you need, with printed, digital, and online tutorials and one-on-one training. View the tutorials.

Contact Us About Hosting

So, what do you get for hosting? Quite a bit. Most importantly, you get us, one of the best website building teams around. Contact us. We’ll put your website to work for you.