How to Turn a Real Estate Website into a Sales Tool

Don’t you love it when things come together? We had the perfect melding of developer and client recently at Packerland Websites when our developer, Diane, was looking to buy property, and our client, Lisa Hanson, was looking to update the Hanson Realty website, Real estate website for Hanson Realty

Key features of

a real estate website

Right off the bat, Diane knew what she liked in a real estate website.

  • Immediate access to a search bar to look for properties.
  • A large number of listings on a search results page.
  • Freedom to search the website without being required to create an account.
  • Quickly visible stats for square footage, acreage, number of bedrooms, etc.
  • A simple way to save a property to look at later
  • An email notification for property updates, like price reductions
  • Easy-to-find phone numbers for real estate agents

“If a site isn’t easy to search and appealing to me, I don’t want to stay on that site,” Diane says.

Searching the real estate website is easy

With multiple MLS feeds linked directly to the website, home and property buyers can scan through the properties on the market or narrow their search in several different ways. Maps show the locations of the properties for sale, and clickable markers provide a nugget of information about each property. Buyers can schedule showings online and use the Mortgage Calculator to determine how much the property might cost over time.

For parents of school-aged children, the school pages list the schools in the district and their Great Schools rating, plus images from the community and descriptions of the area.All this, and mobile friendly to boot!

Benefits for the real estate agents

The real estate website becomes a sales tool for Realtors. Agents may have their own accounts and can track the clients they’re working with and manage their own leads. They can change their profiles or add new listings. They can see who viewed their listings or saved a search and know if this individual is an active client. Emails from their clients go directly to them, not to a general mailbox where a message might be forwarded to the wrong agent.

To evaluate how the real estate website is working, analytics are built into the dashboard to measure traffic, emails, and other types of engagement.