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Why WordPress for Websites? If it’s good enough for the White House…

WordPress powers millions of websites worldwide. It powers everything from small blogs to multi-million-dollar companies. Even the White House ( runs on WordPress. In fact, it’s so popular that WordPress powers 43% of websites on the internet. So, what does that tell you about this stylish, fast, and flexible content management system? WordPress is the only platform we use to build websites. The platform offers neat, efficient design templates that our developers customize to fit each client.

Why Build Websites on WordPress?

Here is why Packerland Websites recommends WordPress for website building:

  • Numerous plugins available for custom design & functionality

  • Secure, to avert hacking and cyberattacks

  • Easy for the owner to maintain and update

  • Mobile friendly

  • Google friendly

  • WordPress is taught to students obtaining website development degrees in colleges nationwide

One-to-one Training Included in Website Build

Packerland Websites wants to empower its clients. Therefore, we offer complimentary training. We introduce editors to the features and functions of their new WordPress website as a content management system. Editors learn to update and maintain their new website. Our goal is to give clients the tools they need to embrace website management as a quick, easy task. Continuing training is included with a website build, to keep clients up-to-speed if they forget something or transition to a new editor. Bottom line, we help clients manage their content easier, with less stress.

WordPress Works for Techies & Non-techies

Packerland Websites clients easily adapt to the WordPress content management system because of its intuitive features for adding or changing text, photos, and graphics. Anyone familiar with Microsoft Word will find it easy to transition to the WordPress Editor. There’s no need to be familiar with coding or programming.

Update Easily with WordPress tutorials

Packerland Websites created custom online, video, and written tutorials for editors and volunteers. Advantages of our WordPress tutorials:

WordPress tutorial by Packerland Websites
  • Include quick tips and step-by-step instructions demonstrated with words and images

  • Help editors feel more comfortable managing their website

  • Are specifically written to match the way we build websites, instead of being generic WordPress guides

  • Shortens editors’ learning curve

  • Swiftly guides editors through updates, giving them more time to work on other things

Get the WordPress Help You Need

If the editor hits a roadblock, the Packerland Websites team is ready to assist. For assistance, clients can submit a support ticket, call/email the Packerland Website office, or chat with a developer via chatbot on the Packerland Website’s website. Help managing your WordPress website is at your fingertips!

Contact Packerland Websites

For assistance developing a WordPress website as a powerful marketing tool, contact us today. Packerland Websites creates websites that convert leads into sales, so businesses prosper.