Unlock the Power of Google Jobs with Packerland Websites

In today’s ultra-competitive market for labor, organizations are looking for every advantage in job recruiting. When one of our clients, a metalworking company, wasn’t getting enough applicants from its Indeed career listings, the client contacted our team. She wanted us to help her utilize Google Jobs to reach qualified candidates. She needed our help because employers can’t post jobs directly to Google Jobs. Instead, Google “crawls” websites (uses robots to scan the code) to find job listings and adds the job openings to Google’s database.

Structured Data: Your Key to Google Jobs Success

In order for Google to recognize a job posting on our client’s website, we needed to set special indicators in the code. These indicators create what we call “structured data.” Structured data can be recognized and interpreted easily by Google’s robots.

WordPress Advantage: Powerful Recruitment Features

Packerland Websites builds sites on WordPress, a platform that powers 43% of websites on the internet. To optimize job postings for Google Jobs, our team is adding a Google Job-specific WordPress plugin to websites. Packerland Websites offers this add-on technology for any business looking to recruit and hire qualified personnel with help from Google Jobs.

Google Jobs Integration: Transforming Job Recruitment 

Once we incorporate these Google Jobs features into a website, employers can fill out a simple, user-friendly form to create a job posting. The plug-in automatically adds the special indicators for structured data. So, put simply, the plugin enables the client to make a Google Jobs-optimized job posting with as little effort as filling out a form.

Job Posting Optimization: A Guide for Employers

Tips for optimizing a job posting:

  • Post the job on your company website
  • Create a new page for each job posting. WordPress websites are set up so that every post in the blog looks like a new page to Google
  • Make sure postings can be crawled and indexed by Google. Packerland Websites includes this feature in every website through the Google Search Console
  • Use structured data. The above-mentioned plug-in automatically adds structured data as extra code to a post. 
  • Use Canonical URLs. Packerland Websites includes and manages Canonical URLs on all of our WordPress websites.
  • Include location, descriptions, expiration, etc. These fields can be managed with the above-mentioned plug-in.

Partner with Packerland Websites

Small businesses that struggle to get fill job openings now have a new web tool to leverage. Packerland Websites provides this affordable product to connect business websites with Google Jobs to expand recruitment potential. Optimize your job listings for Google’s search algorithms with minimal hassle and minimal cost. Contact us today to get started.