Robo-Call You have not updated your free Google listing

Robotic telemarketer calling about Google listingI received a call from (608) 719-4895 in Stoughton WI. It was not a number I recognized, but I answered the call. A recorded message stated: “You have not updated your free Google listing. Please press 1 if you are interested in doing so.” I was interested in doing so for a couple reasons. I provide search engine optimization (SEO) services, including directory listing management, not only for Google, but also for an additional 60 other directories. All of the listings are claimed and verified. The data is up-to-date, identical across all directories and creates an incoming link back to them.

Even if I am only building a website for a client and not providing SEO services, I will create or claim the Google pages for my customers. By creating or claiming a Google listing, I help customers rank higher on listings, and I help them avoid calls like these.

I decided to play along

So, in the interest of hearing what the caller had to say, I played along. I pressed 1 to speak to a representative.

The person answered and asked: Is your business Packerland Websites? That is correct Are you located in Green Bay? Yes, I am Are you at Zip Code 54303? Yes, I am – Long Pause Your listing is up to date- Hung up on me

I guess they didn’t like my answers

Obviously, the robot call did not check to see if I was up-to-date before dialing my phone number.

Often, these callers may claim to be from Google. If they do this, ask them directly if they work for Google. They will most likely give you the run-around.

Unfortunately, they prey on business owners that are great with their business, but maybe not as tech savvy as they could be. That is why many are using my services.

I get regular emails from customers double checking if the calls and emails they receive are legitimately something to be concerned about. That is OK. Most of the time I confirm that customers are being spammed and/or solicited, and it’s not legit.

We’ve got answers to your questions

Do yourself a favor and have a good relationship with your website developer. We work with this stuff all the time. Make sure your Google listing is up-to-date, and you can confidently hang up on these solicitors and delete these types of suspicious emails. Contact Packerland Websites today for help with your business’ directory listings.

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