PhotographyThey say that a picture is worth a thousand words. At Packerland Websites, we don’t just use words in our websites. We use photos and graphics to pique the interest of your audience and tell your story at a glance.

Jessica Pittman, a multi-talented website designer at Packerland Websites, has four years of experience as a professional photographer. She operated Jessica Pittman Photography from 2013 to 2017 in Knoxville, Tennessee, before moving to Wisconsin and joining the design team at Packerland Websites.

Here are her thoughts about photography for websites.

What type of photos work well for a website?

Professional quality photos add color and interest to your website. Images show your audience what you’re about and get your message across without making them read paragraphs of content. By posting photos of your staff, your products, your work environment, and what makes you proud, you’re welcoming the audience into your world, teaching them about yourself, and building a relationship with them.
What is your background in photography?
I started taking photos in 2013 when I was in college, and I learned more by studying online. I originally planned to photograph families, children and graduates, but I realized I enjoyed working with adults even more. I especially like setting up studio lighting and creating professional portrait images that best reflect my subject’s position and personality.

What is your approach to a professional portrait?

Of course, professional portraits need to be well-lit, sharp and in focus, yet they also need to be casual enough that the personality of my subject shines through. I want my clients to look relaxed, so I pose them in a way that’s comfortable for them. I ask clients “What is your favorite angle?” Then I pose them to capture their “best side.”

What type of clothing should a person wear for a professional portrait?

My biggest recommendation is to wear clothing that is flattering, without loud patterns or bold colors that will distract from your face, because the focus will be on your face. Clients should wear clothing that is comfortable. Don’t go out and buy something for a photograph that you wouldn’t usually wear because then you tend to look uncomfortable and rigid when photographed.

Solid colors are best. Stripes are okay, but avoid distracting patterns. For women, V-necks help accentuate the neckline, but plunging necklines are a definite no-no. Avoid wearing bulky jewelry or large scarves. For men, avoid a white shirt unless you’re wearing a tie. Wear a dark-colored shirt or something with pockets to help make you stand out against the backdrop.

What about group photos?

It’s always good to see everyone together. Group photos work really well on an About Us page of a website, because the photo shows the teamwork critical to the success of the business or organization. I recommend people in group photos wear solid colors, with a “color pop” of a bright tie, scarf, or jewelry to help differentiate individuals from the group. Not everyone needs to wear the same color, but all of the different colors need to blend well together. When shooting on-location, I like to incorporate the work environment into the group photo when I pose people.

Packerland Websites is pleased to provide clients with the professional photography services of Jessica Pittman. Contact us to schedule a photo shoot at your office, manufacturing facility, or work site today.