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DIY Tutorial: Upgrade to Google Analytics 4

Is your website equipped with the latest Google Analytics? Google will transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), the next generation of Google Analytics, on July 1, 2023. Every new WordPress website we build is equipped with GA4; it’s the tech industry standard. Even if you’re not a number-cruncher or someone who likes looking at marketing graphs, it’s important to upgrade to GA4 to maintain a good relationship with Google.

Easy DIY Tutorial: Step-by-Step Guide to Set Up GA4

Packerland Websites makes it easy. Our team created a do-it-yourself GA4 set-up tutorial. Link to tutorial This tutorial features step-by-step instructions and helpful screenshots. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a techy to upgrade your website’s Google Analytics to GA4. However, if you don’t have the time or inclination to update to the latest Google Analytics, we can help.

Packerland Websites’ Strategy: Prioritizing GA4 Upgrades for Clients

Packerland Websites’ strategy is updating to GA4 in the following order:

  1. Platinum and Gold hosting clients
  2. SEO clients
  3. Clients who request GA4 through our Support Ticket system.
  4. Clients who respond to our emails and newsletter requesting an upgrade All others as time allows

Ensure a Smooth Transition: Provide Access to Your Google Analytics Account

Please note, our team can complete the upgrade only if we have access to your Google analytics account. This might require a little bit of cooperation from both of us. We plan to update the first four groups to GA4 before the change-over occurs on July 1. We expect most of the other accounts will be completed as well, but it is not guaranteed. Giving the size and scope of project, this will be a 160-hour process. This is why we provided the DIY tutorial. Try it out, and if you’re not successful in upgrading yourself, contact us to be placed on a priority list.

Take Advantage of Your Website Management Allowance

You might be wondering how much is this going to cost, right? Good question! Packerland Websites offers each client a dedicated amount of time for website management. If clients other than groups 1 and 2 have not exceeded their annual allowance, they will not be charged a fee. Over 90% of clients are currently under the allowance, so transitioning to GA4 would be free for a huge majority of you. It’s worthwhile to check into this, to shake hands with Google and keep your website operating to the fullest potential.

Request Your GA4 Upgrade Today: Submit a Support Ticket

To request a Google Analytics upgrade to GA4, send us a support ticket.